eZwest™ Lite is an automated western blotting device providing an easy and simple solution in your western blotting workflow. After proteins are transferred onto the membrane, load the membrane into our eZwest™ Lite device for automated blocking, incubation, and washing cycles. The user only needs to prepare the required reagents, run the customized program, and eZwest™ Lite will take care of the rest. Once the program is finished, the user can collect the results and immediately proceed to detection and analysis steps. eZwest™ Lite is easy to use and has minimal footprint.


Consistent Results icon

Consistent Results

Fully automated operation ensuring consistency every time

Antibody Saving icon

Antibody Saving

Automatically recover primary antibody for re-use

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Easily customization program for protocol need

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Completely Hands-off

Load your reagents and Go

Simplify & Save Hours of Labor in Your Western Blot Workflow

Results Comparison




β-actin (42KD)



eZwest™ produces similar or better results compared to results from the conventional method. Additionally, eZwest™ delivers consistent and reproducible results every time.

  • Specifications
    Weight 6.48 kg; 14.28 lb
    Dimension (LxWxH) 23x23x23 cm; 9.06x9.06x9.06 in;
    Electrical Voltage 100 – 240 V
    Operating Temperature 15-40 °C; 59-104 °F
    Membrane Size 9.0x8.3 cm, 3.5x3.2 in
    Throughput 1 channel for up to 2 membranes

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Cat No Product Name Quantity Price
L00816 eZwest™ Lite Automated Western Device 1 Unit Quote
L00820 eZwest Membrane Cassette 1 Included with device
L00821 eZwest Cleaning Cassette 1 Included with device
L00822 Stylus pen 1 Included with device
L00824 Membrane Spacer 10 pcs Included with device