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FragPower™ guaranteed Fab antibody, scFv, V<sub>HH</sub>/V<sub>H</sub> fragments

FragPower™ guaranteed Fab antibody fragment packages

Fab antibody, scFv, V<sub>HH</sub>/V<sub>H</sub> fragment services quotation

Antibodies are complex, heavy (~150kDa) glycoproteins with distinct domains that include the stem region (Fc) and the antigen-binding fragments (Fab) containing the variable fragments (Fv).

Antibody fragments, in particular the scFvs, Fabs and VHH/VH retain full antigen-binding capacity and superior properties for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Trends in clinical development of monoclonal antibodies indicates that there is a nascent shift toward the study of antibody fragments and it is likely that antibody fragments are going to be the next important class of protein-based therapeutics after monoclonal antibodies.

Upon this rising need for antibody fragments, GenScipt has launched FragPower™, guaranteed antibody fragment packages that provide high quality antibody fragments at very competitive prices and timelines. FragPower™ is our proprietary platform for guaranteed soluble antibody fragment production that was developed by leveraging our leadership and expertise in Bacterial and Insect expression technologies. Place your order today and unleash your discovery potential with our fast, affordable and high quality antibody fragment service.

FragPower™ guaranteed Fab antibody, scFv, VHH/VH fragments, tagged or tag-free

FragPower™ guaranteed Fab antibody, scFv, VHH/VH package details

E. coli
7 weeks
  • Antibody Fragment in buffered solution with the specified amount & purity – Guaranteed*
  • Optimized gene sequence report
  • QC data
E. coli
7 weeks
10 weeks

*Antibody fragments will be delivered as specified during the ordering process. Customers requiring tag-free fragments should mention this at the time of quotation inquiry

Fab antibody, scFv, VHH/VH advantages

Fab antibody, scFv, VHH/VH overview

Type Characteristics
Full length IgG schematic
Full length Antibody/Immunoglobulin (Ig)

  • Large (~150kDa)
  • Can mediate Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytoxicity (ADCC)
  • Can mediate Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC)
  • Has complicated structure and glycosylation
    For full length Antibody services, please visit our
    Custom Antibody service pages
Fab antibody schematic
Fragment, antigen binding (Fab)

  • 1/3 size of full length Antibody (~50kDa)
  • Lack Fc region hence no ADCC or CDC functions
  • Monovalent
  • Binds antigen
  • Antigen-binding affinity comparable to parental, full length Antibody
scFv schematic
Single Chain Variable Fragment (scFv)

  • 1/2 the size of Fab (~25kDa)
  • Linker connects antigen-binding light and heavy sequences
  • Penetrates target tissue
V<sub>HH</sub>/V<sub>H</sub> schematic
Variable Heavy (VHH/VH)

  • 1/2 the size of scFv (~12kDa)
  • Antigen-binding domain composed of single heavy chain, the variable heavy chain
  • Typically from camelid species (Dromedary, Llama)
  • Highly penetrable
  • Large developmental potential

For downstream applications, we also offer development services for anti-idiotypic (anti-ID) Abs; powerful tools for PK and immunogenicity studies of antibody drugs, such as Fab, scFv and VHH/VH fragments. Our proven track record and innovative technologies ensure the production of high specificity, high affinity anti-ID Abs for your Ab drug development needs. See details here »

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Fab antibody, scFv, V<sub>HH</sub>/V<sub>H</sub> fragment services quotation

Quotations and Ordering

Fab antibody, scFv, V<sub>HH</sub>/V<sub>H</sub> fragment services quotations & ordering

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