Festival of Biologics 2024

Festival of Biologics 2024
Booth #341

April 15th-17th | San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of biologics research and development?

Join us at the Festival of Biologics 2024, to be held at the San Diego Convention Center, from April 15th-17th, where GenScript will showcase groundbreaking solutions and services to fuel your innovation journey. Visit us at Booth #341 to explore cutting-edge solutions, and connect to our experts!

Presenter Bio:

Rouba Najjar

Head of Marketing and Business Development, GenScript Product Division

Rouba Najjar is the Head of Marketing and Business Development at GenScript Biotech. Over the last decade, Rouba has specialized in providing scientists with automated solutions that simplify research and development. Her work as Product Manager at Hamilton Robotics, Automation Team Lead at Baylor College of Medicine, and currently as the Head of Product Marketing at GenScript Biotech has been focused on providing automated solutions and enhanced tools. Passionate about providing automated alternatives that improve research outcomes, her team is generating innovative, reliable, and high-quality reagents and instruments that support a wide variety of life science research and development areas.

Presentation: Advancing Therapeutic Antibody Development with GenScript

Date: April 15, 2024 Time: 17:30 PM PST
Speaker: Rouba Najjar, MBA, Head of Marketing and Business Development, GenScript Product Division


Antibody-based therapeutics have transformed drug development, providing precise and potent treatments. GenScript is committed to empowering therapeutic antibody development through our comprehensive portfolio of advanced tools and services for every stage of the process. Discover our innovative solutions developed for high-throughput automated purification platforms, optimizing your workflows. Additionally, explore our custom services for antibody development and optimization, ensuring the generation of high-quality antibodies with unparalleled specificity and efficacy. Join us in elevating your development efforts and shaping the future of precision medicine with GenScript.

Poster: Revolutionizing Research with Automated Maxi-Scale Plasmid Purification


GenScript developed the AmMag™ Quatro, an innovative solution designed to automate the purification of large-scale, high-quality, transfection-grade plasmids. This modular system incorporates a central controller capable of simultaneously operating up to four independent purification modules. With pre-filled consumables and validated protocols, researchers can seamlessly process up to 6 samples per module, greatly enhancing throughput and efficiency. Leveraging magnetic bead technology and associated reagents, the AmMag Quatro streamlines the entire maxi-scale purification process, offering a dependable and efficient means of obtaining high-quality, transfection-grade pDNA samples. By reducing the potential for errors and enhancing reproducibility, this system represents a significant advancement in plasmid purification technology.

Presenter Bio:

Amanda Grimm

Sr. Segment Marketing Manager

Amanda joined GenScript in 2021 and is the senior marketing manager for GenScript's antibody drug discovery portfolio.  Her previous work experience includes immunopathology research of animal diseases, immunoassay development for research and commercialized use, immunoassay manufacturing and licensure, and product management of automation technology and diagnostics. In her current role, Amanda oversees portfolio education, marketing campaign management, and provides sales and distribution support. Amanda has two Bachelor of Science degrees, in Microbiology and Biochemistry, and a Professional Science Masters (PSM) from Washington State University.

Poster: Next-Generation Antibodies:  Discovery, Development, and Production Strategies


New technologies are driving advancements in therapeutic antibody development that offer the promise to target difficult epitopes or antigens and tackle a wide range of diseases faster and more effectively.  GenScript enables the exploration of diverse applications, design considerations, and production strategies for these next-generation antibodies.  Explore the comprehensive range of products and services to generate and optimize antibody leads with custom antibody development and tackle difficult membrane-bound protein targets with our cutting-edge mRNA immunization methodology. We can guide your bispecific format decision and offer easy scale-up process development.  From target identification to manufacture, GenScript provides innovative end-to-end solutions for therapeutic advancement.

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