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Get a DNA Fragment Free Sample!

In honor of National DNA Day, GenScript will be providing free samples of GenPart™ DNA Blocks. Come visit this April and May to get your gene synthesized!

Get a DNA Fragment Free Sample

GenPart DNA Blocks are linearized, double-stranded DNA fragments, which can be easily assembled into your vector of choice by either restriction enzyme cloning or Gibson Assembly™. Save yourself the time and effort of cloning your gene from scratch.

Or use GenParts for any of the following DNA-related applications:

Get a DNA Fragment Free Sample

Get One Free DNA Fragment
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Four easy steps for ordering your free fragment:

  1. Visit our GenPart DNA Block service page and click on one of the ordering links on the right.
  2. On the information page, input your sequence of interest.
  3. After completing design and testing, proceed to the verification page and input your free fragment promotion code.
  4. Complete the ordering process.

Then congratulate yourself for a job well done! You can relax as we get to synthesizing your fragment.

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