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To appreciate our customers' continued trust and support, GenScript will provide 20,000+ ORF (Open Reading Frame) clones including human and mouse species for FREE!

From Nov 1st to Dec 31st, 2018, each new registrant or the one who recommends others to register at GenScript will have a chance to be rewarded with a Free ORF clone.

Search Your ORF cDNA Clones

Search Help

Your can enter the following as search terms:

  • Entrez Gene ID (e.g. 7157)
  • gene symbol (e.g. TP53)
  • gene name (e.g. tumor protein p53)
  • gene synonyms (e.g. FLJ92943)
  • Ensembl ID (e.g. ENSG0000141510)
  • RefSeq Accession (e.g. NM_000546)
  • Species can be input after the keyword, using format "keyword [species:$species]" where $species can be name of species (like human or rat) or taxon id (like 9606).

For Example:

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How to get a FREE ORF clone?

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