GenScript's GenBuilder™ DNA Assembly technology takes recombination-based cloning to the next level. Pushing the bounds of innovation, the GenBuilder™ technology allows for seamless fusion of one to twelve gene fragments with the highest efficiency. Whether using fragments longer than 5 kb, unpurified PCR products, single stranded DNA inserts, or have only fifteen minutes to complete the cloning reaction- the GenBuilder™ DNA Assembly technology helps you build your constructs quickly and accurately.

Seamless Cloning Made Easy As 1-2-3

Short assembly time

  • DNA Assembly works with unpurified PCR fragments
  • Incubation in the enzyme mix for only 15 minutes

Highest cloning efficiency in the industry

  • Rigorously tested among 8 DNA assembly kits

Consistent performance

  • Quality control by assembling 12 fragments with >90% positive rate
  • Performance verified by >1,000 reactions per day in production line

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price Order
GenBuilder™ Cloning Kit
GenBuilder™ Plus Cloning Kit

How GenBuilder™ DNA Assembly Works

Case Study

GenScript Cloning Kits Selection Guide

Features GenBuilder™ Cloning Kit GenBuilder™ Plus Cloning Kit
1 Unique need fulfilled by the kit Multi-gene cloning for up to 6 fragments Multi gene cloning for up to 12 fragments
2 Cost per reaction $7.90 $9.80
3 Number of fragments that can be cloned into a linearized vector 6 12
4 Cloning efficiency (insert was cloned into the vector) % >90% >90%
5 Plasmid library construction Suitable Recommended
6 Minimum time taken for cloning the maximum number of inserts in a vector 15 min 15 min
7 Cloning unpurified PCR product Efficient Highly efficient
8 Assembly with ss oligos (single stranded oligos) No Yes
9 Can be used for high throughput cloning Yes Yes
10 Seamless cloning Yes Yes
11 Positive control Linearized pUC57 with two fragments to reconstitute RFP for visual determination of cloning efficiency Linearized pUC57 with two fragments to reconstitute RFP for visual determination of cloning efficiency


DNA Assembly User Manual

Cloning methods using GenBuilder™ Cloning kit or Plus Cloning Kit

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DNA Assembly Flyer

Introduction, mechanism of action and selection guide of GenScript's featured DNA cloning kits

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