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GenSmart™ Ordering

Revolonizing the way you order genes,

all in 3 minutes or less

GenSmart™ Online Ordering

As one of the world's leading suppliers of gene services, GenScript has been constantly innovating the ordering experience to make it more convenient. GenScript's GenSmart™ is an intelligent online assistant system powered by big data mining and machine learning technology, which can fulfill your requests in 3 minutes. Drawing you out from the complicated and time-consuming ordering process, GenSmart™ is capable to generate the most time- and cost- effective strategy to obtain all your clones of interest.

Make Molecular Cloning Easy

Why Choose GenSmart™ AI

GenSmart AI Conventional Online Ordering
Insert sequence Fill in or import (upload) your sequences, multiple files supported (e.g. .txt, .gb, .gbk, .fasta and .dna) Several approaches to get sequence, have to choose options among
  • De novo gene synthesis
  • ORF clones
  • Mutagenesis
Vector Select your vector from our list of available  Several cloning methods to manually choose
  • Subcloning
  • Direct cloning
  • Other cloning methods or service
Plasmid Preparation Select your desired quality and quantity of plasmid prep for your order Please choose
  • Will you be using your clone or another clone as a template??
  • Your desired quality and quantity
Ordering GenSmart™ optimizes cloning strategy Manually select services for your needs, from cloning strategy design to ordering data entry, not guaranteed to give you the best price based on your selections
To You  Save time and money from best use of existing templates and optimized cloning strategy; Focus on quality, value-add work, increased motivation and less overtime More time on repetitive, routine, high volume but unnecessary work

How GenSmart Works

GenSmart™ automatically calculate all criteria, e.g. price and turnaround time, to optimize cloning strategy and select optimal approach to get your sequence. More archived clones and vectors in GenScript, more reasonable price and turnaround time for your project.



Orders can be placed online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card. Our gene service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance.

GenSmart Ordering