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Mus musculus (house mouse)

Chromosome: 3

Map Location: 3|3 F1

123 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
Atp8b2 ATPase, class I, type 8B, member 2 protein-coding
S100a14 S100 calcium binding protein A14 protein-coding
Fcrls Fc receptor-like S, scavenger receptor protein-coding
S100a16 S100 calcium binding protein A16 protein-coding
Crnn cornulin protein-coding
Flad1 flavin adenine dinucleotide synthetase 1 protein-coding
Tsacc TSSK6 activating co-chaperone protein-coding
Gm6570 predicted gene 6570 protein-coding
Smcp sperm mitochondria-associated cysteine-rich protein protein-coding
Kcnn3 potassium intermediate/small conductance calcium-activated channel, subfamily N, member 3 protein-coding
Pglyrp4 peptidoglycan recognition protein 4 protein-coding
Lce1a1 late cornified envelope 1A1 protein-coding
Pglyrp3 peptidoglycan recognition protein 3 protein-coding
Lce1b late cornified envelope 1B protein-coding
Prr9 proline rich 9 protein-coding
1700094D03Rik RIKEN cDNA 1700094D03 gene protein-coding
Etv3l ets variant 3-like protein-coding
Ube2q1 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2Q family member 1 protein-coding
Fam189b family with sequence similarity 189, member B protein-coding
Lce1a2 late cornified envelope 1A2 protein-coding
Lce3d late cornified envelope 3D protein-coding
Slc27a3 solute carrier family 27 (fatty acid transporter), member 3 protein-coding
Arfip1 ADP-ribosylation factor interacting protein 1 protein-coding
Sh3d19 SH3 domain protein D19 protein-coding
Mrpl24 mitochondrial ribosomal protein L24 protein-coding
Clk2 CDC-like kinase 2 protein-coding
Gon4l gon-4-like (C.elegans) protein-coding
Ilf2 interleukin enhancer binding factor 2 protein-coding
Mex3a mex3 RNA binding family member A protein-coding
Krtcap2 keratinocyte associated protein 2 protein-coding
S100a7a S100 calcium binding protein A7A protein-coding
Lce3f late cornified envelope 3F protein-coding
Scamp3 secretory carrier membrane protein 3 protein-coding
2310050C09Rik RIKEN cDNA 2310050C09 gene protein-coding
Jtb jumping translocation breakpoint protein-coding
She src homology 2 domain-containing transforming protein E protein-coding
Adar adenosine deaminase, RNA-specific protein-coding
Lce3c late cornified envelope 3C protein-coding
Ssr2 signal sequence receptor, beta protein-coding
9130204L05Rik RIKEN cDNA 9130204L05 gene protein-coding
Lce1l late cornified envelope 1L protein-coding
Isg20l2 interferon stimulated exonuclease gene 20-like 2 protein-coding
Trim46 tripartite motif-containing 46 protein-coding
Kprp keratinocyte expressed, proline-rich protein-coding
Gpatch4 G patch domain containing 4 protein-coding
Rps27 ribosomal protein S27 protein-coding
Lrba LPS-responsive beige-like anchor protein-coding
Ubqln4 ubiquilin 4 protein-coding
Trim2 tripartite motif-containing 2 protein-coding
Mab21l2 mab-21-like 2 (C. elegans) protein-coding
S100a2 S100 calcium binding protein A2 protein-coding
Hcn3 hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated K+ 3 protein-coding
Msto1 misato 1, mitochondrial distribution and morphology regulator protein-coding
Naxe NAD(P)HX epimerase protein-coding
Hax1 HCLS1 associated X-1 protein-coding
Prcc papillary renal cell carcinoma (translocation-associated) protein-coding
Pear1 platelet endothelial aggregation receptor 1 protein-coding
Nup210l nucleoporin 210-like protein-coding
Pbxip1 pre B cell leukemia transcription factor interacting protein 1 protein-coding
2810403A07Rik RIKEN cDNA 2810403A07 gene protein-coding
Fhdc1 FH2 domain containing 1 protein-coding
Dennd4b DENN/MADD domain containing 4B protein-coding
Lce1i late cornified envelope 1I protein-coding
Crct1 cysteine-rich C-terminal 1 protein-coding
Dcst2 DC-STAMP domain containing 2 protein-coding
Ttc24 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 24 protein-coding
Lce1e late cornified envelope 1E protein-coding
Tpm3 tropomyosin 3, gamma protein-coding
Fcrl1 Fc receptor-like 1 protein-coding
Prss48 protease, serine 48 protein-coding
Rit1 Ras-like without CAAX 1 protein-coding
Creb3l4 cAMP responsive element binding protein 3-like 4 protein-coding
Etv3 ets variant 3 protein-coding
Slc39a1 solute carrier family 39 (zinc transporter), member 1 protein-coding
Lce6a late cornified envelope 6A protein-coding
Cd5l CD5 antigen-like protein-coding
Ints3 integrator complex subunit 3 protein-coding
Lce1j late cornified envelope 1J protein-coding
Slc25a44 solute carrier family 25, member 44 protein-coding
4933434E20Rik RIKEN cDNA 4933434E20 gene protein-coding
Paqr6 progestin and adipoQ receptor family member VI protein-coding
Arhgef11 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 11 protein-coding
Mnd1 meiotic nuclear divisions 1 protein-coding
Lrrc71 leucine rich repeat containing 71 protein-coding
Snapin SNAP-associated protein protein-coding
Tmem154 transmembrane protein 154 protein-coding
Sprr2a2 small proline-rich protein 2A2 protein-coding
Crtc2 CREB regulated transcription coactivator 2 protein-coding
Lelp1 late cornified envelope-like proline-rich 1 protein-coding
Rusc1 RUN and SH3 domain containing 1 protein-coding
Tigd4 tigger transposable element derived 4 protein-coding
Cks1b CDC28 protein kinase 1b protein-coding
Lce3b late cornified envelope 3B protein-coding
Arhgef2 rho/rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 2 protein-coding
Pmvk phosphomevalonate kinase protein-coding
Ash1l ASH1 like histone lysine methyltransferase protein-coding
Pmf1 polyamine-modulated factor 1 protein-coding
Gatad2b GATA zinc finger domain containing 2B protein-coding
Lce3e late cornified envelope 3E protein-coding
Fcrl5 Fc receptor-like 5 protein-coding
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