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Mus musculus (house mouse)

Chromosome: 6

Map Location: 6|6 E3

49 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
Plxnd1 plexin D1 protein-coding
H1foo H1 histone family, member O, oocyte-specific protein-coding
Olfr215 olfactory receptor 215 protein-coding
Emc3 ER membrane protein complex subunit 3 protein-coding
Tsen2 tRNA splicing endonuclease subunit 2 protein-coding
Ift122 intraflagellar transport 122 protein-coding
Ttll3 tubulin tyrosine ligase-like family, member 3 protein-coding
Ssu2 ssu-2 homolog (C. elegans) protein-coding
Mkrn2os makorin, ring finger protein 2, opposite strand protein-coding
Cand2 cullin-associated and neddylation-dissociated 2 (putative) protein-coding
Lmcd1 LIM and cysteine-rich domains 1 protein-coding
Olfr214 olfactory receptor 214 protein-coding
Tada3 transcriptional adaptor 3 protein-coding
Fancd2os Fancd2 opposite strand protein-coding
Atg7 autophagy related 7 protein-coding
Oxtr oxytocin receptor protein-coding
Srgap3 SLIT-ROBO Rho GTPase activating protein 3 protein-coding
Il17rc interleukin 17 receptor C protein-coding
Efcab12 EF-hand calcium binding domain 12 protein-coding
Zfp422 zinc finger protein 422 protein-coding
Grm7 glutamate receptor, metabotropic 7 protein-coding
Vgll4 vestigial like family member 4 protein-coding
Zfand4 zinc finger, AN1-type domain 4 protein-coding
Brpf1 bromodomain and PHD finger containing, 1 protein-coding
Cidec cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector c protein-coding
March8 membrane-associated ring finger (C3HC4) 8 protein-coding
Rassf4 Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 4 protein-coding
Olfr213 olfactory receptor 213 protein-coding
Mtmr14 myotubularin related protein 14 protein-coding
8430408G22Rik RIKEN cDNA 8430408G22 gene protein-coding
Setd5 SET domain containing 5 protein-coding
Rpusd3 RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 3 protein-coding
Olfr211 olfactory receptor 211 protein-coding
Fancd2 Fanconi anemia, complementation group D2 protein-coding
Arpc4 actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 4 protein-coding
Prrt3 proline-rich transmembrane protein 3 protein-coding
Brk1 BRICK1, SCAR/WAVE actin-nucleating complex subunit protein-coding
Jagn1 jagunal homolog 1 protein-coding
Il17re interleukin 17 receptor E protein-coding
Mkrn2 makorin, ring finger protein, 2 protein-coding
Tmem40 transmembrane protein 40 protein-coding
Slc6a1 solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, GABA), member 1 protein-coding
Olfr212 olfactory receptor 212 protein-coding
Tamm41 TAM41 mitochondrial translocator assembly and maintenance homolog protein-coding
Tmcc1 transmembrane and coiled coil domains 1 protein-coding
Tmem72 transmembrane protein 72 protein-coding
Rad18 RAD18 E3 ubiquitin protein ligase protein-coding
Cpne9 copine family member IX protein-coding
Lhfpl4 lipoma HMGIC fusion partner-like protein 4 protein-coding

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