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Mus musculus (house mouse)

Chromosome: 6

Map Location: 6|6 F1

33 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
Mug1 murinoglobulin 1 protein-coding
4933440N22Rik RIKEN cDNA 4933440N22 gene protein-coding
Ankrd26 ankyrin repeat domain 26 protein-coding
Dcp1b decapping mRNA 1B protein-coding
Aicda activation-induced cytidine deaminase protein-coding
Mfap5 microfibrillar associated protein 5 protein-coding
Ninj2 ninjurin 2 protein-coding
Nanog Nanog homeobox protein-coding
Cacna2d4 calcium channel, voltage-dependent, alpha 2/delta subunit 4 protein-coding
Slc6a13 solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, GABA), member 13 protein-coding
Zfp9 zinc finger protein 9 protein-coding
Wnk1 WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 1 protein-coding
Rasgef1a RasGEF domain family, member 1A protein-coding
Mug2 murinoglobulin 2 protein-coding
Slc6a12 solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, betaine/GABA), member 12 protein-coding
Tuba8 tubulin, alpha 8 protein-coding
Fxyd4 FXYD domain-containing ion transport regulator 4 protein-coding
Zfp637 zinc finger protein 637 protein-coding
Hnrnpf heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein F protein-coding
Fbxl14 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 14 protein-coding
Gm6637 predicted gene 6637 protein-coding
Csgalnact2 chondroitin sulfate N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 2 protein-coding
Rimklb ribosomal modification protein rimK-like family member B protein-coding
Dppa3 developmental pluripotency-associated 3 protein-coding
B4galnt3 beta-1,4-N-acetyl-galactosaminyl transferase 3 protein-coding
Bms1 BMS1, ribosome biogenesis factor protein-coding
Iqsec3 IQ motif and Sec7 domain 3 protein-coding
Ccdc77 coiled-coil domain containing 77 protein-coding
Pex26 peroxisomal biogenesis factor 26 protein-coding
Erc1 ELKS/RAB6-interacting/CAST family member 1 protein-coding
Zfp248 zinc finger protein 248 protein-coding
Lrtm2 leucine-rich repeats and transmembrane domains 2 protein-coding
Mical3 microtubule associated monooxygenase, calponin and LIM domain containing 3 protein-coding

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