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Anopheles gambiae str. PEST

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304 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
CLIPB5 AGAP004148-PA protein-coding
CPCLG19 AGAP008463-PA protein-coding
CPR81 AGAP009879-PA protein-coding
CPR153 AGAP009873-PA protein-coding
CTLMA3 AGAP007412-PA protein-coding
CPFL6 AGAP010907-PA protein-coding
CPR130 AGAP000047-PA protein-coding
CPR67 AGAP006839-PA protein-coding
CBPA1_ANOGA AGAP009593-PA protein-coding
CUSOD1 AGAP007497-PA protein-coding
CPR5 AGAP001668-PA protein-coding
CPTC2 AGAP005695-PA protein-coding
CTLGA2 AGAP006430-PB protein-coding
COQ4_ANOGA AGAP005199-PB protein-coding
CPR52 AGAP006843-PA protein-coding
CPR86 AGAP010103-PA protein-coding
CPR79 AGAP009877-PA protein-coding
CPR31 AGAP006011-PA protein-coding
CLIPB1 AGAP003251-PA protein-coding
COEAE3H AGAP006725-PA protein-coding
CPR56 AGAP006833-PA protein-coding
CLP1_ANOGA AGAP007701-PA protein-coding
CPR65 AGAP006863-PA protein-coding
CPR110 AGAP008960-PA protein-coding
CPR6 AGAP001669-PA protein-coding
CPTC3_b AGAP005697-PA protein-coding
CPR1 AGAP001664-PA protein-coding
COEBE4D AGAP005370-PA protein-coding
CPFL2 AGAP010903-PA protein-coding
CACT AGAP007938-PA protein-coding
CPR96 AGAP010119-PB protein-coding
CPR11 AGAP005451-PA protein-coding
CTLMA4 AGAP007407-PA protein-coding
CPR136 AGAP006840-PA protein-coding
CPR91 AGAP010108-PA protein-coding
CLIPB16 AGAP009263-PA protein-coding
CPLCX2 AGAP003334-PA protein-coding
CPR23 AGAP005998-PA protein-coding
CECB_ANOGA AGAP000694-PA protein-coding
CPR141 AGAP006867-PA protein-coding
CTU1_ANOGA AGAP005220-PA protein-coding
CTL5 AGAP000443-PA protein-coding
CARM1_ANOGA AGAP003923-PA protein-coding
CPR69 AGAP006834-PA protein-coding
CPF3 AGAP004690-PA protein-coding
CPR94 AGAP010114-PA protein-coding
CPLCA1 AGAP006145-PA protein-coding
CPR74 AGAP009869-PA protein-coding
CPR25 AGAP006000-PA protein-coding
COEJHE1F AGAP005833-PA protein-coding
CTL9 AGAP002625-PB protein-coding
CTLMA5 AGAP007410-PA protein-coding
CYP9L1 AGAP012295-PA protein-coding
CPR88 AGAP010105-PA protein-coding
COEJHE4F AGAP005836-PA protein-coding
CPR45 AGAP006850-PA protein-coding
CPR156 AGAP013337-PA protein-coding
CPR66 AGAP006859-PA protein-coding
CPR76 AGAP009874-PA protein-coding
CLIPB11 AGAP009214-PA protein-coding
CLIPA12 AGAP011781-PA protein-coding
CPR58 AGAP006830-PA protein-coding
CORZ_ANOGA AGAP003675-PA protein-coding
CLIPA8 AGAP010731-PA protein-coding
CLIPA13 AGAP011783-PA protein-coding
CTLGA3 AGAP010193-PA protein-coding
CPR93 AGAP010113-PA protein-coding
CLIPA9 AGAP010968-PA protein-coding
CPR80 AGAP009878-PA protein-coding
CTL8 AGAP003625-PA protein-coding
CPLCX1 AGAP001329-PA protein-coding
CPF4 AGAP000382-PA protein-coding
CPR60 AGAP006828-PA protein-coding
CPLCW7 AGAP008478-PA protein-coding
CTLSE2 AGAP000123-PA protein-coding
CPR20 AGAP005969-PA protein-coding
COEBE3D AGAP005372-PA protein-coding
CPR87 AGAP010104-PA protein-coding
CPR124 AGAP003390-PA protein-coding
CLIPC9 AGAP004719-PA protein-coding
CLIPA10 AGAP006954-PA protein-coding
CLIPD6 AGAP002813-PA protein-coding
CPR24 AGAP005999-PA protein-coding
CPR4 AGAP001667-PA protein-coding
CLIPE5 AGAP010547-PA protein-coding
CPR26 AGAP006001-PA protein-coding
CPR127 AGAP000344-PB protein-coding
CPR55 AGAP006837-PA protein-coding
CYP6P4 AGAP002867-PA protein-coding
CLIPC7 AGAP003689-PA protein-coding
CLIPB36 AGAP013184-PA protein-coding
CLIPA4 AGAP011780-PA protein-coding
CPR38 AGAP006857-PA protein-coding
CLIPB17 AGAP001648-PA protein-coding
CPR16 AGAP005459-PA protein-coding
CPR148 AGAP010102-PA protein-coding
CYP6Z2 AGAP008218-PA protein-coding
CASPS1 AGAP011949-PA protein-coding
CPR121 AGAP003383-PA protein-coding
CPR14 AGAP005455-PA protein-coding
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