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Anopheles gambiae str. PEST

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304 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
CASPS7 AGAP000830-PA protein-coding
CPR27 AGAP006003-PA protein-coding
CPR77 AGAP009875-PA protein-coding
CPR63 AGAP006866-PA protein-coding
CAT1 AGAP004904-PA protein-coding
CLIPE6 AGAP011785-PA protein-coding
COEBE1D AGAP005373-PA protein-coding
CASPS2 AGAP011950-PA protein-coding
CPR34 AGAP006864-PA protein-coding
CPR90 AGAP010107-PA protein-coding
COEJHE3F AGAP005835-PA protein-coding
CYP6Z1 AGAP008219-PA protein-coding
CPTC4 AGAP005698-PA protein-coding
CLIPC4 AGAP000573-PB protein-coding
CAP10_ANOGA AGAP004267-PA protein-coding
CLIPD1 AGAP002422-PA protein-coding
CLIPC10 AGAP000572-PA protein-coding
CPLCA2 AGAP006146-PA protein-coding
CPR128 AGAP000177-PA protein-coding
CDC42_ANOGA AGAP002440-PC protein-coding
CLIPA6 AGAP011789-PA protein-coding
CPR120 AGAP003382-PA protein-coding
CLIPA1 AGAP011791-PA protein-coding
CLIPB4 AGAP003250-PA protein-coding
CCAP AGAP009729-PA protein-coding
CPR54 AGAP006841-PA protein-coding
CPR22 AGAP005997-PA protein-coding
CPR39 AGAP006856-PA protein-coding
CPR131 AGAP010123-PA protein-coding
CTLGA4 AGAP002912-PA protein-coding
CLIPB12 AGAP009217-PA protein-coding
CLIPC1 AGAP008835-PA protein-coding
CPLCG1 AGAP008444-PA protein-coding
CPR40 AGAP006855-PA protein-coding
CPR129 AGAP000085-PA protein-coding
CPR95 AGAP010117-PA protein-coding
CLIPA15 AGAP002815-PA protein-coding
CPR43 AGAP006852-PA protein-coding
CPR15 AGAP005456-PA protein-coding
CLIPD4 AGAP002811-PA protein-coding
CTR1_ANOGA AGAP006709-PA protein-coding
CASPS6 AGAP004920-PA protein-coding
CPF1 AGAP010900-PA protein-coding
CPR48 AGAP006847-PA protein-coding
CPR78 AGAP009876-PA protein-coding
CPR119 AGAP003381-PA protein-coding
CPR134 AGAP006497-PA protein-coding
CPR68 AGAP006838-PA protein-coding
CPR114 AGAP003375-PA protein-coding
CPR75 AGAP009871-PA protein-coding
CASPS12 AGAP010829-PA protein-coding
CLIPB19 AGAP003247-PA protein-coding
CPR37 AGAP006858-PA protein-coding
CPF2 AGAP010901-PA protein-coding
CPR12 AGAP005453-PA protein-coding
CYP6AA1 AGAP002862-PA protein-coding
CPR107 AGAP010097-PA protein-coding
CPR2 AGAP001665-PA protein-coding
COEAE1A AGAP001723-PA protein-coding
CPR71 AGAP006321-PA protein-coding
CPR89 AGAP010106-PA protein-coding
CPR125 AGAP000820-PA protein-coding
CPR29 AGAP006008-PA protein-coding
CLIPA19 AGAP003245-PA protein-coding
CPFL4 AGAP010905-PA protein-coding
COEAE6O AGAP002863-PA protein-coding
CLIPD7 AGAP008998-PA protein-coding
CPR123 AGAP003385-PA protein-coding
CPR135 AGAP006261-PA protein-coding
CPR116 AGAP003378-PA protein-coding
CU01_ANOGA AGAP001666-PA protein-coding
CTL1 AGAP004811-PA protein-coding
CPR28 AGAP006007-PA protein-coding
CTU2_ANOGA AGAP005651-PA protein-coding
CPR105 AGAP006010-PA protein-coding
CPR70 AGAP006283-PB protein-coding
COEBE2D AGAP005371-PA protein-coding
CTLGA1 AGAP010196-PA protein-coding
CPTC1 AGAP005696-PA protein-coding
CPR115 AGAP003377-PA protein-coding
CCDCX_ANOGA AGAP005037-PB protein-coding
CTLMA8 AGAP007408-PA protein-coding
CASPS10 AGAP010827-PA protein-coding
CECC_ANOGA AGAP000692-PA protein-coding
CLIPA2 AGAP011790-PB protein-coding
CPR100 AGAP010128-PA protein-coding
CPLCG2 AGAP008445-PA protein-coding
CTLMA6 AGAP005332-PA protein-coding
CPR146 cuticular protein 146, RR-2 family (AGAP012466-PA) protein-coding
CLIPB2 AGAP003246-PA protein-coding
CLIPA7 AGAP011792-PA protein-coding
CCD22_ANOGA AGAP011801-PA protein-coding
CASPS3 AGAP011952-PA protein-coding
CPR138 AGAP005995-PA protein-coding
CPR104 AGAP006006-PA protein-coding
CPR97 AGAP010120-PA protein-coding
CPR59 AGAP006829-PA protein-coding
CPR109 AGAP010116-PA protein-coding
CPR143 AGAP010717-PA protein-coding
CPR112 AGAP010369-PA protein-coding
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