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Anopheles gambiae str. PEST

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57 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
OR1_ANOGA AGAP009640-PA protein-coding
OBP40 AGAP002191-PA protein-coding
OBP27 AGAP012323-PA protein-coding
OBP11 AGAP002025-PA protein-coding
OBP17 AGAP003309-PA protein-coding
OR2_ANOGA AGAP009519-PA protein-coding
OPI10_ANOGA AGAP002426-PA protein-coding
OBP9 AGAP000278-PA protein-coding
OBP22 AGAP010409-PA protein-coding
ORK AGAP012220-PA protein-coding
OBP21 AGAP008398-PA protein-coding
OBP36 AGAP000643-PA protein-coding
OBP57 AGAP011368-PA protein-coding
OBP52 AGAP006078-PA protein-coding
OBP4 AGAP010489-PA protein-coding
OBP38 AGAP000580-PA protein-coding
OBP50 AGAP006076-PA protein-coding
OBP5 AGAP009629-PA protein-coding
OBP54 AGAP006080-PA protein-coding
OBP19 AGAP004433-PA protein-coding
OBP14 AGAP002905-PA protein-coding
OBP55 AGAP006081-PA protein-coding
OBP23 AGAP012318-PA protein-coding
OEH AGAP000108-PA protein-coding
OBP37 AGAP000644-PA protein-coding
OBP6 AGAP003530-PA protein-coding
OBP29 AGAP012331-PA protein-coding
OBP51 AGAP006077-PB protein-coding
OBP32 AGAP000638-PA protein-coding
OBP25 AGAP012320-PA protein-coding
OBP56 AGAP011367-PA protein-coding
OBP34 AGAP000641-PA protein-coding
OBP12 AGAP002188-PA protein-coding
OBP39 AGAP002190-PA protein-coding
OBP49 AGAP006075-PA protein-coding
OBP18 AGAP012319-PA protein-coding
OBP13 AGAP002189-PA protein-coding
OBP42 AGAP009065-PA protein-coding
OBP7 AGAP001556-PA protein-coding
OBP10 AGAP001189-PA protein-coding
OBP20 AGAP005208-PA protein-coding
OBP3 AGAP001409-PA protein-coding
OBP28 AGAP012325-PA protein-coding
OBP2 AGAP003306-PA protein-coding
OBP46 AGAP007289-PB protein-coding
OBP43 AGAP009402-PA protein-coding
OBP15 AGAP003307-PB protein-coding
OR7_ANOGA AGAP002560-PA protein-coding
OBP44 AGAP010648-PA protein-coding
OBP26 AGAP012321-PA protein-coding
OBP47 AGAP007287-PA protein-coding
OBP8 AGAP000279-PA protein-coding
OBP33 AGAP000640-PA protein-coding
OBP45 AGAP010650-PA protein-coding
OBP53 AGAP006079-PB protein-coding
OBP35 AGAP000642-PA protein-coding
OBP41 AGAP005182-PA protein-coding

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