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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122 (other) Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum (provided by KEGG)

74 gene

The longest variant of each gene is displayed. Click the see gene variants link to see all gene variants.

Gene Symbol Full Name
YALI0_E14036g YALI0E14036p
YALI0_D22352g YALI0D22352p
YALI0_E13233g YALI0E13233p
YALI0_A14839g YALI0A14839p
YALI0_D15312g YALI0D15312p
YALI0_A10879g YALI0A10879p
YALI0_D11132g YALI0D11132p
YALI0_D13046g YALI0D13046p
YALI0_E06743g YALI0E06743p
YALI0_F29381g YALI0F29381p
YALI0_F19250g YALI0F19250p
YALI0_E21912g YALI0E21912p
YALI0_E13255g YALI0E13255p
YALI0_F25289g YALI0F25289p
YALI0_D17424g YALI0D17424p
YALI0_D01606g YALI0D01606p
YALI0_D12518g YALI0D12518p
YALI0_E10263g YALI0E10263p
YALI0_D08184g YALI0D08184p
YALI0_F16753g YALI0F16753p
YALI0_B17512g YALI0B17512p
YALI0_D08635g YALI0D08635p
YALI0_E30173g YALI0E30173p
YALI0_D02002g YALI0D02002p
YALI0_D12925g YALI0D12925p
YALI0_B16434g YALI0B16434p
YALI0_D20174g YALI0D20174p
YALI0_C23562g YALI0C23562p
YALI0_E17303g YALI0E17303p
YALI0_F12155g YALI0F12155p
YALI0_F19668g YALI0F19668p
YALI0_F30151g YALI0F30151p
YALI0_E35046g YALI0E35046p
YALI0_E03036g YALI0E03036p
YALI0_A00132g YALI0A00132p
YALI0_C12386g YALI0C12386p
YALI0_E13706g YALI0E13706p
YALI0_F00880g YALI0F00880p
YALI0_C12661g YALI0C12661p
YALI0_F30701g YALI0F30701p
YALI0_E32131g YALI0E32131p
YALI0_E16995g YALI0E16995p
YALI0_A08646g YALI0A08646p
YALI0_C21824g YALI0C21824p
YALI0_B08778g YALI0B08778p
YALI0_B20911g YALI0B20911p
YALI0_F27225g YALI0F27225p
YALI0_D12452g YALI0D12452p
YALI0_E14927g YALI0E14927p
YALI0_B14949g YALI0B14949p
YALI0_E02134g YALI0E02134p
YALI0_F08481g YALI0F08481p
YALI0_E18546g YALI0E18546p
YALI0_E26895g YALI0E26895p
YALI0_D11066g YALI0D11066p
YALI0_A17985g YALI0A17985p
YALI0_B13156g YALI0B13156p
YALI0_F01859g YALI0F01859p
YALI0_D16401g YALI0D16401p
YALI0_D06589g YALI0D06589p
YALI0_E08646g YALI0E08646p
YALI0_E02420g YALI0E02420p
YALI0_F02981g YALI0F02981p
YALI0_E30635g YALI0E30635p
YALI0_E26235g YALI0E26235p
YALI0_B01034g YALI0B01034p
YALI0_F14795g YALI0F14795p
YALI0_B06600g YALI0B06600p
YALI0_F14927g YALI0F14927p
YALI0_F19360g YALI0F19360p
YALI0_F05324g YALI0F05324p
YALI0_B17358g YALI0B17358p
YALI0_E32703g YALI0E32703p
YALI0_C07953g YALI0C07953p

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