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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122 (other) Tyrosine metabolism (provided by KEGG)

17 gene

The longest variant of each gene is displayed. Click the see gene variants link to see all gene variants.

Gene Symbol Full Name
YALI0_B02178g YALI0B02178p
YALI0_C18315g YALI0C18315p
YALI0_D07942g YALI0D07942p
YALI0_B03124g YALI0B03124p
YALI0_C05258g YALI0C05258p
YALI0_A16379g YALI0A16379p
YALI0_A15147g YALI0A15147p
YALI0_C22792g YALI0C22792p
YALI0_E17787g YALI0E17787p
YALI0_E20977g YALI0E20977p
YALI0_F26191g YALI0F26191p
YALI0_E01254g YALI0E01254p
YALI0_B21846g YALI0B21846p
YALI0_D25630g YALI0D25630p
YALI0_F29337g YALI0F29337p
YALI0_F09603g YALI0F09603p
YALI0_F04444g YALI0F04444p

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