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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122 (other) Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis (provided by KEGG)

547 gene

The longest variant of each gene is displayed. Click the see gene variants link to see all gene variants.

Gene Symbol Full Name
YALI0_D05885r tRNA
YALI0_D17358r tRNA
YALI0_D14806r tRNA
YALI0_E30041r tRNA
YALI0_E13816r tRNA
YALI0_E14278r tRNA
YALI0_E14421r tRNA
YALI0_E17039r tRNA
YALI0_E17237r tRNA
YALI0_E18370r tRNA
YALI0_E19833r tRNA
YALI0_E20317r tRNA
YALI0_E01716r tRNA
YALI0_E02926r tRNA
YALI0_E03652r tRNA
YALI0_E28116r tRNA
YALI0_E07227r tRNA
YALI0_E07359r tRNA
YALI0_E25245r tRNA
YALI0_E25564r tRNA
YALI0_E12265r tRNA
YALI0_E12749r tRNA
YALI0_E00440r tRNA
YALI0_E22308r tRNA
YALI0_D25300r tRNA
YALI0_D05115r tRNA
YALI0_D10351r tRNA
YALI0_F06996r tRNA
YALI0_F11451r tRNA
YALI0_F04994r tRNA
YALI0_F15301r tRNA
YALI0_F29271r tRNA
YALI0_F19294r tRNA
YALI0_F25355r tRNA
YALI0_F09900r tRNA
YALI0_F15565r tRNA
YALI0_C02277r tRNA
YALI0_C03289r tRNA
YALI0_C08503r tRNA
YALI0_C14850r tRNA
YALI0_C15961r tRNA
YALI0_C12815r tRNA
YALI0_C13134r tRNA
YALI0_C04752r tRNA
YALI0_C04840r tRNA
YALI0_C23012r tRNA
YALI0_C03938r tRNA
YALI0_C21714r tRNA
YALI0_C20493r tRNA
YALI0_C07216r tRNA
YALI0_C14366r tRNA
YALI0_D15884r tRNA
YALI0_D13926r tRNA
YALI0_D01650r tRNA
YALI0_A08492r tRNA
YALI0_A08976r tRNA
YALI0_A16907r tRNA
YALI0_A17402r tRNA
YALI0_A07194r tRNA
YALI0_A10340r tRNA
YALI0_A15279r tRNA
YALI0_A07315r tRNA
YALI0_A01177r tRNA
YALI0_A07150r tRNA
YALI0_A16335r tRNA
YALI0_A12463r tRNA
YALI0_A18854r tRNA
YALI0_A04565r tRNA
YALI0_A12727r tRNA
YALI0_A12793r tRNA
YALI0_A18084r tRNA
YALI0_A12771r tRNA
YALI0_A08756r tRNA
YALI0_A09130r tRNA
YALI0_A04081r tRNA
YALI0_A15862r tRNA
YALI0_B07469r tRNA
YALI0_B22022r tRNA
YALI0_B08646r tRNA
YALI0_B22352r tRNA
YALI0_B13024r tRNA
YALI0_B19140r tRNA
YALI0_B03740r tRNA
YALI0_B18106r tRNA
YALI0_B12650r tRNA
YALI0_B05984r tRNA
YALI0_B07139r tRNA
YALI0_B09097r tRNA
YALI0_B06050r tRNA
YALI0_B16346r tRNA
YALI0_B00176r tRNA
YALI0_F26829r tRNA
YALI0_F28787r tRNA
YALI0_F26939r tRNA
YALI0_F10329r tRNA
YALI0_F16775r tRNA
YALI0_F01342r tRNA
YALI0_F15499r tRNA
YALI0_F31779r tRNA
YALI0_F29579r tRNA
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