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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122 (other)

Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis Riboflavin metabolism
Vitamin B6 metabolism Folate biosynthesis
Fatty acid biosynthesis Ubiquinone and other terpenoid-quinone biosynthesis
Pyrimidine metabolism Valine, leucine and isoleucine degradation
Histidine metabolism Tyrosine metabolism
Phosphonate and phosphinate metabolism Various types of N-glycan biosynthesis
Other types of O-glycan biosynthesis Arachidonic acid metabolism
Sphingolipid metabolism Pyruvate metabolism
Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids Nucleotide excision repair
Homologous recombination Non-homologous end-joining
Ceramide biosynthesis Monobactam biosynthesis
Cell cycle - G2/M transition cAMP signaling
N-glycosylation by oligosaccharyltransferase Phosphatidylcholine (PC) biosynthesis, PE => PC
Isoleucine biosynthesis, threonine => 2-oxobutanoate => isoleucine Isoleucine biosynthesis, threonine => 2-oxobutanoate => isoleucine
Biosynthesis of amino acids Cap binding complex
Fatty acid biosynthesis, elongation, endoplasmic reticulum Biotin biosynthesis, pimeloyl-ACP/CoA => biotin
Sec61 complex SCF-CDC4 complex
ESCRT-0 complex ESCRT-III complex
eIF4F complex Nucleotide sugar biosynthesis, glucose => UDP-glucose
Fatty acid biosynthesis, initiation Ubiquinone biosynthesis, eukaryotes, 4-hydroxybenzoate => ubiquinone
Fatty acid metabolism Biosynthesis of amino acids
Mitophagy - yeast AGE-RAGE signaling pathway in diabetic complications
Autophagy - yeast
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