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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122

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6447 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
YALI0_E19635g YALI0E19635p protein-coding
YALI0_E34001g YALI0E34001p protein-coding
YALI0_F28325g YALI0F28325p protein-coding
YALI0_F27973g YALI0F27973p protein-coding
YALI0_F17490g YALI0F17490p protein-coding
YALI0_E03014g YALI0E03014p protein-coding
YALI0_D06237g YALI0D06237p protein-coding
YALI0_B08756g YALI0B08756p protein-coding
YALI0_F08063g YALI0F08063p protein-coding
YALI0_A05379g YALI0A05379p protein-coding
YALI0_C07238g YALI0C07238p protein-coding
YALI0_C24299g YALI0C24299p protein-coding
YALI0_B10219g YALI0B10219p protein-coding
YALI0_D07480g YALI0D07480p protein-coding
YALI0_B10406g YALI0B10406p protein-coding
YALI0_E29535g YALI0E29535p protein-coding
YALI0_F15719g YALI0F15719p protein-coding
YALI0_A13057g YALI0A13057p protein-coding
YALI0_D05313g YALI0D05313p protein-coding
YALI0_D16269g YALI0D16269p protein-coding
YALI0_B19646g YALI0B19646p protein-coding
YALI0_D11440g YALI0D11440p protein-coding
YALI0_D26213g YALI0D26213p protein-coding
YALI0_E06655g YALI0E06655p protein-coding
YALI0_C08745g YALI0C08745p protein-coding
YALI0_C09988g YALI0C09988p protein-coding
YALI0_E00550g 60S ribosomal protein L14 protein-coding
YALI0_B00440g YALI0B00440p protein-coding
YALI0_B01100g YALI0B01100p protein-coding
YALI0_F25157g YALI0F25157p protein-coding
YALI0_F17644g YALI0F17644p protein-coding
YALI0_A00374g YALI0A00374p protein-coding
YALI0_E13970g YALI0E13970p protein-coding
YALI0_B21670g YALI0B21670p protein-coding
YALI0_D05093g YALI0D05093p protein-coding
YALI0_D22440g YALI0D22440p protein-coding
YALI0_B10065g YALI0B10065p protein-coding
YALI0_A07128g YALI0A07128p protein-coding
YALI0_A11157g YALI0A11157p protein-coding
YALI0_D18337g YALI0D18337p protein-coding
YALI0_D16181g YALI0D16181p protein-coding
YALI0_E11517g YALI0E11517p protein-coding
YALI0_F04554g YALI0F04554p protein-coding
YALI0_E26345g YALI0E26345p protein-coding
YALI0_A07084g YALI0A07084p protein-coding
YALI0_E34441g YALI0E34441p protein-coding
YALI0_E02398g YALI0E02398p protein-coding
YALI0_C09680g YALI0C09680p protein-coding
YALI0_F31207g YALI0F31207p protein-coding
YALI0_A07689g YALI0A07689p protein-coding
YALI0_D19074g YALI0D19074p protein-coding
YALI0_D20350g YALI0D20350p protein-coding
YALI0_E26367g YALI0E26367p protein-coding
YALI0_E28622g YALI0E28622p protein-coding
YALI0_E23067g YALI0E23067p protein-coding
YALI0_E13728g YALI0E13728p protein-coding
YALI0_E25113g YALI0E25113p protein-coding
YALI0_E32439g YALI0E32439p protein-coding
YALI0_B02464g YALI0B02464p protein-coding
YALI0_D24750g YALI0D24750p protein-coding
YALI0_E03344g YALI0E03344p protein-coding
YALI0_C08657g YALI0C08657p protein-coding
YALI0_A20108g YALI0A20108p protein-coding
YALI0_F28611g YALI0F28611p protein-coding
YALI0_B05940g YALI0B05940p protein-coding
YALI0_E34170g YALI0E34170p protein-coding
YALI0_D06996g YALI0D06996p protein-coding
YALI0_E04400g YALI0E04400p protein-coding
YALI0_F13123g YALI0F13123p protein-coding
YALI0_E15081g YALI0E15081p protein-coding
YALI0_E34397g YALI0E34397p protein-coding
YALI0_F09746g YALI0F09746p protein-coding
YALI0_D03355g YALI0D03355p protein-coding
YALI0_B10043g YALI0B10043p protein-coding
YALI0_A17946g YALI0A17946p protein-coding
YALI0_F17578g YALI0F17578p protein-coding
YALI0_E03212g YALI0E03212p protein-coding
YALI0_D21560g YALI0D21560p protein-coding
YALI0_E00176g YALI0E00176p protein-coding
YALI0_E30679g YALI0E30679p protein-coding
YALI0_F23375g YALI0F23375p protein-coding
YALI0_D21604g YALI0D21604p protein-coding
YALI0_D06017g YALI0D06017p protein-coding
YALI0_C08547g YALI0C08547p protein-coding
YALI0_D05379g YALI0D05379p protein-coding
YALI0_F01232g YALI0F01232p protein-coding
YALI0_E27533g YALI0E27533p protein-coding
YALI0_E30921g YALI0E30921p protein-coding
YALI0_F03542g YALI0F03542p protein-coding
YALI0_D07700g YALI0D07700p protein-coding
YALI0_E30745g YALI0E30745p protein-coding
YALI0_D16357g YALI0D16357p protein-coding
YALI0_E10307g YALI0E10307p protein-coding
YALI0_E29953g YALI0E29953p protein-coding
YALI0_D18898g YALI0D18898p protein-coding
YALI0_C12034g YALI0C12034p protein-coding
YALI0_D25872g YALI0D25872p protein-coding
YALI0_A16401g YALI0A16401p protein-coding
YALI0_F06688g YALI0F06688p protein-coding
YALI0_E22737g YALI0E22737p protein-coding
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