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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122

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6447 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
YALI0_D08228g ADP/ATP carrier protein protein-coding
YALI0_C08635g YALI0C08635p protein-coding
YALI0_B05610g YALI0B05610p protein-coding
YALI0_D00539g YALI0D00539p protein-coding
YALI0_E34287g ribosome biogenesis protein NIP7 protein-coding
YALI0_D20064g YALI0D20064p protein-coding
YALI0_F12045g YALI0F12045p protein-coding
YALI0_B12562g elongation factor 1 gamma domain-containing protein protein-coding
YALI0_C06622g YALI0C06622p protein-coding
YALI0_E32527g YALI0E32527p protein-coding
YALI0_D07062g YALI0D07062p protein-coding
YALI0_C11385g YALI0C11385p protein-coding
YALI0_D06798g YALI0D06798p protein-coding
YALI0_A05423g YALI0A05423p protein-coding
YALI0_D07612g YALI0D07612p protein-coding
YALI0_C13860g YALI0C13860p protein-coding
YALI0_E11355g YALI0E11355p protein-coding
YALI0_A19052g YALI0A19052p protein-coding
YALI0_E13057g YALI0E13057p protein-coding
YALI0_A17534g YALI0A17534p protein-coding
YALI0_A11121g YALI0A11121p protein-coding
YALI0_C06039g YALI0C06039p protein-coding
YALI0_D15686g YALI0D15686p protein-coding
YALI0_F27841g YALI0F27841p protein-coding
YALI0_B11418g YALI0B11418p protein-coding
YALI0_F23265g YALI0F23265p protein-coding
YALI0_E11737g YALI0E11737p protein-coding
YALI0_B04994g YALI0B04994p protein-coding
YALI0_D17402g YALI0D17402p protein-coding
YALI0_C21472g YALI0C21472p protein-coding
YALI0_E17479g YALI0E17479p protein-coding
YALI0_F31867g YALI0F31867p protein-coding
YALI0_F21263g YALI0F21263p protein-coding
YALI0_D09185g YALI0D09185p protein-coding
YALI0_C18755g YALI0C18755p protein-coding
YALI0_E27027g YALI0E27027p protein-coding
YALI0_B23474g YALI0B23474p protein-coding
YALI0_C14234g YALI0C14234p protein-coding
YALI0_E29425g YALI0E29425p protein-coding
YALI0_E26631g YALI0E26631p protein-coding
YALI0_D01441g YALI0D01441p protein-coding
YALI0_B09669g YALI0B09669p protein-coding
YALI0_A16038g YALI0A16038p protein-coding
YALI0_B17050g YALI0B17050p protein-coding
YALI0_B04510g YALI0B04510p protein-coding
YALI0_C14586g YALI0C14586p protein-coding
YALI0_C00550g YALI0C00550p protein-coding
YALI0_B00990g YALI0B00990p protein-coding
YALI0_A06347g YALI0A06347p protein-coding
YALI0_C12881g YALI0C12881p protein-coding
YALI0_F02277g YALI0F02277p protein-coding
YALI0_F27093g YALI0F27093p protein-coding
YALI0_F19778g YALI0F19778p protein-coding
YALI0_E17281g YALI0E17281p protein-coding
YALI0_B11308g YALI0B11308p protein-coding
YALI0_F15037g YALI0F15037p protein-coding
YALI0_E12045g YALI0E12045p protein-coding
YALI0_A13849g YALI0A13849p protein-coding
YALI0_D09691g YALI0D09691p protein-coding
YALI0_E23089g YALI0E23089p protein-coding
YALI0_A07238g YALI0A07238p protein-coding
YALI0_F15961g YALI0F15961p protein-coding
YALI0_A00369g YALI0A00369p protein-coding
YALI0_F18216g YALI0F18216p protein-coding
YALI0_A09592g YALI0A09592p protein-coding
YALI0_D07890g YALI0D07890p protein-coding
YALI0_E31152g YALI0E31152p protein-coding
YALI0_F29689g YALI0F29689p protein-coding
YALI0_A03179g YALI0A03179p protein-coding
YALI0_C24101g YALI0C24101p protein-coding
YALI0_D05005g YALI0D05005p protein-coding
YALI0_C22770g YALI0C22770p protein-coding
YALI0_B02112g YALI0B02112p protein-coding
YALI0_A04301g YALI0A04301p protein-coding
YALI0_D26884g YALI0D26884p protein-coding
YALI0_C01243g YALI0C01243p protein-coding
YALI0_B12760g YALI0B12760p protein-coding
YALI0_C14564g YALI0C14564p protein-coding
YALI0_E15125g YALI0E15125p protein-coding
YALI0_E14212g YALI0E14212p protein-coding
YALI0_D12386g YALI0D12386p protein-coding
YALI0_D06776g YALI0D06776p protein-coding
YALI0_E08932g YALI0E08932p protein-coding
YALI0_D17644g YALI0D17644p protein-coding
YALI0_B11748g YALI0B11748p protein-coding
YALI0_F15169g YALI0F15169p protein-coding
YALI0_C00759g YALI0C00759p protein-coding
YALI0_F09163g YALI0F09163p protein-coding
YALI0_E20383g YALI0E20383p protein-coding
YALI0_C14718g YALI0C14718p protein-coding
YALI0_F31273g YALI0F31273p protein-coding
YALI0_F07953g YALI0F07953p protein-coding
YALI0_A18920g YALI0A18920p protein-coding
YALI0_B19602g YALI0B19602p protein-coding
YALI0_A05775g YALI0A05775p protein-coding
YALI0_F25289g YALI0F25289p protein-coding
YALI0_E31581g YALI0E31581p protein-coding
YALI0_C07865g YALI0C07865p protein-coding
YALI0_E18161g YALI0E18161p protein-coding
YALI0_F07238g YALI0F07238p protein-coding
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