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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122

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6447 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
YALI0_F18040g YALI0F18040p protein-coding
YALI0_E10725g YALI0E10725p protein-coding
YALI0_E33143g YALI0E33143p protein-coding
YALI0_D05995g YALI0D05995p protein-coding
YALI0_C16665g YALI0C16665p protein-coding
YALI0_D01463g YALI0D01463p protein-coding
YALI0_F18832g YALI0F18832p protein-coding
YALI0_E02090g YALI0E02090p protein-coding
YALI0_B23166g YALI0B23166p protein-coding
YALI0_D17710g YALI0D17710p protein-coding
YALI0_B12188g YALI0B12188p protein-coding
YALI0_F09317g YALI0F09317p protein-coding
YALI0_E12837g YALI0E12837p protein-coding
YALI0_E04961g YALI0E04961p protein-coding
YALI0_D13508g YALI0D13508p protein-coding
YALI0_E03124g YALI0E03124p protein-coding
YALI0_A06831g YALI0A06831p protein-coding
YALI0_B12342g YALI0B12342p protein-coding
YALI0_F08107g YALI0F08107p protein-coding
YALI0_C13728g YALI0C13728p protein-coding
YALI0_C13750g YALI0C13750p protein-coding
YALI0_C21406g YALI0C21406p protein-coding
YALI0_B22660g YALI0B22660p protein-coding
YALI0_A05577g YALI0A05577p protein-coding
YALI0_E06853g YALI0E06853p protein-coding
YALI0_A04917g YALI0A04917p protein-coding
YALI0_F00506g YALI0F00506p protein-coding
YALI0_A02673g YALI0A02673p protein-coding
YALI0_E04158g YALI0E04158p protein-coding
YALI0_F01694g YALI0F01694p protein-coding
YALI0_F08965g YALI0F08965p protein-coding
YALI0_D14102g YALI0D14102p protein-coding
YALI0_D04697g YALI0D04697p protein-coding
YALI0_A19624g YALI0A19624p protein-coding
YALI0_E16236g YALI0E16236p protein-coding
YALI0_C00825g YALI0C00825p protein-coding
YALI0_C08349g YALI0C08349p protein-coding
YALI0_F20900g YALI0F20900p protein-coding
YALI0_C10901g YALI0C10901p protein-coding
YALI0_F22165g YALI0F22165p protein-coding
YALI0_E05181g YALI0E05181p protein-coding
YALI0_E23364g YALI0E23364p protein-coding
YALI0_D08140g YALI0D08140p protein-coding
YALI0_F27423g YALI0F27423p protein-coding
YALI0_F00638g YALI0F00638p protein-coding
YALI0_F01903g YALI0F01903p protein-coding
YALI0_A08866g YALI0A08866p protein-coding
YALI0_F26697g YALI0F26697p protein-coding
YALI0_C18469g YALI0C18469p protein-coding
YALI0_C00781g YALI0C00781p protein-coding
YALI0_C22341g YALI0C22341p protein-coding
YALI0_E32989g YALI0E32989p protein-coding
YALI0_F24189g YALI0F24189p protein-coding
YALI0_E01012g YALI0E01012p protein-coding
YALI0_E01760g YALI0E01760p protein-coding
YALI0_D17732g YALI0D17732p protein-coding
YALI0_F13145g YALI0F13145p protein-coding
YALI0_D02563g YALI0D02563p protein-coding
YALI0_A11605g YALI0A11605p protein-coding
YALI0_F01562g YALI0F01562p protein-coding
YALI0_D17380g YALI0D17380p protein-coding
YALI0_E23199g YALI0E23199p protein-coding
YALI0_B16698g YALI0B16698p protein-coding
YALI0_D16423g YALI0D16423p protein-coding
YALI0_E06237g YALI0E06237p protein-coding
YALI0_E15246g YALI0E15246p protein-coding
YALI0_A20350g YALI0A20350p protein-coding
YALI0_F07194g YALI0F07194p protein-coding
YALI0_B03190g YALI0B03190p protein-coding
YALI0_E17831g YALI0E17831p protein-coding
YALI0_F00990g YALI0F00990p protein-coding
YALI0_D22088g mitochondrial 54S ribosomal protein YmL19 protein-coding
YALI0_E04829g YALI0E04829p protein-coding
YALI0_F17424g YALI0F17424p protein-coding
YALI0_E15994g YALI0E15994p protein-coding
YALI0_A09042g YALI0A09042p protein-coding
YALI0_D08734g YALI0D08734p protein-coding
YALI0_A15422g YALI0A15422p protein-coding
YALI0_B17688g YALI0B17688p protein-coding
YALI0_B04488g YALI0B04488p protein-coding
YALI0_B19228g YALI0B19228p protein-coding
YALI0_C11605g YALI0C11605p protein-coding
YALI0_C07172g YALI0C07172p protein-coding
YALI0_D05071g YALI0D05071p protein-coding
YALI0_C22209g YALI0C22209p protein-coding
YALI0_F25047g YALI0F25047p protein-coding
YALI0_B10296g YALI0B10296p protein-coding
YALI0_D17468g YALI0D17468p protein-coding
YALI0_F17974g YALI0F17974p protein-coding
YALI0_D02497g YALI0D02497p protein-coding
YALI0_B16126g YALI0B16126p protein-coding
YALI0_E30811g 60S ribosomal protein L32 protein-coding
YALI0_E30613g YALI0E30613p protein-coding
YALI0_B15708g YALI0B15708p protein-coding
YALI0_D23001g YALI0D23001p protein-coding
YALI0_B11000g YALI0B11000p protein-coding
YALI0_B15334g YALI0B15334p protein-coding
YALI0_C19338g YALI0C19338p protein-coding
YALI0_E04092g YALI0E04092p protein-coding
YALI0_C22638g YALI0C22638p protein-coding
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