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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122

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6447 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
YALI0_B15125g YALI0B15125p protein-coding
YALI0_F30899g YALI0F30899p protein-coding
YALI0_D13104g 60S ribosomal protein L10 protein-coding
YALI0_D16643g YALI0D16643p protein-coding
YALI0_D26554g YALI0D26554p protein-coding
YALI0_E06347g YALI0E06347p protein-coding
YALI0_F19690g YALI0F19690p protein-coding
YALI0_E26191g YALI0E26191p protein-coding
YALI0_F27005g YALI0F27005p protein-coding
YALI0_D15554g YALI0D15554p protein-coding
YALI0_D15356g YALI0D15356p protein-coding
YALI0_E03784g YALI0E03784p protein-coding
YALI0_F30613g YALI0F30613p protein-coding
YALI0_A05555g YALI0A05555p protein-coding
YALI0_D27126g YALI0D27126p protein-coding
YALI0_B10824g YALI0B10824p protein-coding
YALI0_A15708g YALI0A15708p protein-coding
YALI0_C21274g YALI0C21274p protein-coding
YALI0_A00352g YALI0A00352p protein-coding
YALI0_A10571g YALI0A10571p protein-coding
YALI0_C17589g YALI0C17589p protein-coding
YALI0_E27269g YALI0E27269p protein-coding
YALI0_A07843g YALI0A07843p protein-coding
YALI0_D17886g YALI0D17886p protein-coding
YALI0_D06193g YALI0D06193p protein-coding
YALI0_F10098g YALI0F10098p protein-coding
YALI0_B00198g YALI0B00198p protein-coding
YALI0_F17204g YALI0F17204p protein-coding
YALI0_F10032g YALI0F10032p protein-coding
YALI0_C04114g YALI0C04114p protein-coding
YALI0_E07161g YALI0E07161p protein-coding
YALI0_A17897g YALI0A17897p protein-coding
YALI0_D12056g YALI0D12056p protein-coding
YALI0_C02211g YALI0C02211p protein-coding
YALI0_F21549g YALI0F21549p protein-coding
YALI0_B03916g YALI0B03916p protein-coding
YALI0_E29997g YALI0E29997p protein-coding
YALI0_F06826g YALI0F06826p protein-coding
YALI0_E13442g YALI0E13442p protein-coding
YALI0_C00649g YALI0C00649p protein-coding
YALI0_F27071g YALI0F27071p protein-coding
YALI0_E34419g YALI0E34419p protein-coding
YALI0_F26433g YALI0F26433p protein-coding
YALI0_F14641g YALI0F14641p protein-coding
YALI0_F29821g YALI0F29821p protein-coding
YALI0_B02178g YALI0B02178p protein-coding
YALI0_E02508g YALI0E02508p protein-coding
YALI0_E19360g YALI0E19360p protein-coding
YALI0_D08646g YALI0D08646p protein-coding
YALI0_E13508g YALI0E13508p protein-coding
YALI0_C15785g YALI0C15785p protein-coding
YALI0_E01606g YALI0E01606p protein-coding
YALI0_E20889g YALI0E20889p protein-coding
YALI0_C08877g YALI0C08877p protein-coding
YALI0_D26411g YALI0D26411p protein-coding
YALI0_B21978g YALI0B21978p protein-coding
YALI0_C05973g YALI0C05973p protein-coding
YALI0_A03883g YALI0A03883p protein-coding
YALI0_D22352g YALI0D22352p protein-coding
YALI0_B01760g YALI0B01760p protein-coding
YALI0_C15851g YALI0C15851p protein-coding
YALI0_E21604g YALI0E21604p protein-coding
YALI0_D25850g YALI0D25850p protein-coding
YALI0_C18315g YALI0C18315p protein-coding
YALI0_C00847g YALI0C00847p protein-coding
YALI0_F27907g YALI0F27907p protein-coding
YALI0_E07117g YALI0E07117p protein-coding
YALI0_E31823g YALI0E31823p protein-coding
YALI0_F05984g YALI0F05984p protein-coding
YALI0_A14762g YALI0A14762p protein-coding
YALI0_A11077g YALI0A11077p protein-coding
YALI0_E01980g YALI0E01980p protein-coding
YALI0_B10802g YALI0B10802p protein-coding
YALI0_E24167g YALI0E24167p protein-coding
YALI0_D22462g YALI0D22462p protein-coding
YALI0_B22000g YALI0B22000p protein-coding
YALI0_E25025g 60S ribosomal protein L19 protein-coding
YALI0_D10153g YALI0D10153p protein-coding
YALI0_B03498g YALI0B03498p protein-coding
YALI0_A20273g YALI0A20273p protein-coding
YALI0_B12430g YALI0B12430p protein-coding
YALI0_D04048g YALI0D04048p protein-coding
YALI0_F11913g YALI0F11913p protein-coding
YALI0_B01716g YALI0B01716p protein-coding
YALI0_C13926g YALI0C13926p protein-coding
YALI0_D01716g YALI0D01716p protein-coding
YALI0_A09064g YALI0A09064p protein-coding
YALI0_E11913g YALI0E11913p protein-coding
YALI0_B12122g YALI0B12122p protein-coding
YALI0_E31262g YALI0E31262p protein-coding
YALI0_F02475g YALI0F02475p protein-coding
YALI0_D20944g YALI0D20944p protein-coding
YALI0_D20658g YALI0D20658p protein-coding
YALI0_F21010g YALI0F21010p protein-coding
YALI0_C22462g YALI0C22462p protein-coding
YALI0_D01419g YALI0D01419p protein-coding
YALI0_E10505g YALI0E10505p protein-coding
YALI0_E32461g YALI0E32461p protein-coding
YALI0_F23793g YALI0F23793p protein-coding
YALI0_D02475g YALI0D02475p protein-coding
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