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Gossypium raimondii

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35272 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
LOC105765817 protein VAC14 homolog protein-coding
LOC105787168 uncharacterized LOC105787168 protein-coding
LOC105777297 dirigent protein 25-like protein-coding
LOC105778349 putative calcium-transporting ATPase 11, plasma membrane-type protein-coding
LOC105766309 2-amino-3-ketobutyrate coenzyme A ligase, mitochondrial-like protein-coding
LOC105772880 uncharacterized LOC105772880 protein-coding
LOC105793229 uncharacterized LOC105793229 protein-coding
LOC105798824 oxysterol-binding protein-related protein 3A-like protein-coding
LOC105794768 probable inactive leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein kinase At1g66830 protein-coding
LOC105779619 NAD-dependent protein deacetylase SRT2 protein-coding
LOC105766192 protein BREAST CANCER SUSCEPTIBILITY 1 homolog protein-coding
LOC105780324 uncharacterized LOC105780324 protein-coding
LOC105804817 BUD13 homolog protein-coding
LOC105775380 uncharacterized LOC105775380 protein-coding
LOC105766814 stigma-specific STIG1-like protein 1 protein-coding
LOC105789658 serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 7 long form homolog protein-coding
LOC105763179 biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex 1 subunit 2 protein-coding
LOC105764354 cell differentiation protein RCD1 homolog protein-coding
LOC105769137 probable galacturonosyltransferase-like 1 protein-coding
LOC105773910 translation initiation factor eIF-2B subunit alpha-like protein-coding
LOC105786705 protein STRICTOSIDINE SYNTHASE-LIKE 10-like protein-coding
LOC105766112 protein NLRC3 protein-coding
LOC105778430 two-component response regulator ARR9-like protein-coding
LOC105790339 brefeldin A-inhibited guanine nucleotide-exchange protein 2-like protein-coding
LOC105776985 CASP-like protein 2B1 protein-coding
LOC105771439 ATPase 8, plasma membrane-type-like protein-coding
LOC105802735 uncharacterized LOC105802735 protein-coding
LOC105778924 uncharacterized LOC105778924 protein-coding
LOC105777965 xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase 2-like protein-coding
LOC105764787 snurportin-1 protein-coding
LOC105764761 leucine-rich repeat receptor-like serine/threonine/tyrosine-protein kinase SOBIR1 protein-coding
LOC105794118 uncharacterized LOC105794118 protein-coding
LOC105780555 probable protein phosphatase 2C 12 protein-coding
LOC105789057 CBL-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase 10 protein-coding
LOC105765755 pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At1g74850, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC105794776 zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 15-like protein-coding
LOC105786481 galactose oxidase-like protein-coding
LOC105772580 hypothetical protein protein-coding
LOC105801383 protein GLUTAMINE DUMPER 4-like protein-coding
LOC105780967 zinc finger protein 521-like protein-coding
LOC105800491 kinesin-1 protein-coding
LOC105803219 probable magnesium transporter NIPA9 protein-coding
LOC105771968 regulation of nuclear pre-mRNA domain-containing protein 1B-like protein-coding
LOC105797077 alcohol dehydrogenase class-P-like protein-coding
LOC105799754 uncharacterized LOC105799754 protein-coding
LOC105779777 protein NUCLEAR FUSION DEFECTIVE 4-like protein-coding
LOC105794793 major pollen allergen Ole e 1-like protein-coding
LOC105774590 mRNA cap guanine-N7 methyltransferase 2-like protein-coding
LOC105788068 WD repeat-containing protein YMR102C-like protein-coding
LOC105788395 delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase 12A1, mitochondrial protein-coding
LOC105783679 scopoletin glucosyltransferase-like protein-coding
LOC105764058 DELLA protein RGL1-like protein-coding
LOC105787990 sufE-like protein 1, chloroplastic/mitochondrial protein-coding
LOC105786749 F-box/LRR-repeat protein At3g59250-like protein-coding
LOC105798954 uncharacterized aarF domain-containing protein kinase 2-like protein-coding
LOC105801923 protein LURP-one-related 17-like protein-coding
LOC105768147 40S ribosomal protein S3-3-like protein-coding
LOC105779469 hypothetical protein protein-coding
LOC105780232 glutathione S-transferase U16-like protein-coding
LOC105800405 MACPF domain-containing protein At1g14780-like protein-coding
LOC105790538 ultraviolet-B receptor UVR8 protein-coding
LOC105762441 probable L-gulonolactone oxidase 6 protein-coding
LOC105771160 two-component response regulator ARR17-like protein-coding
LOC105766549 RNA-binding protein 25 protein-coding
LOC105763443 mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 2-like protein-coding
LOC105776901 D-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase, mitochondrial protein-coding
LOC105790946 probable mitochondrial chaperone BCS1-B protein-coding
LOC105802722 46 kDa FK506-binding nuclear protein protein-coding
LOC105787463 proteasome subunit alpha type-7 protein-coding
LOC105772255 dynein light chain LC6, flagellar outer arm-like protein-coding
LOC105773737 transcription factor bHLH74 protein-coding
LOC105801966 DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 10-like protein-coding
LOC105798986 protein trichome birefringence-like 38 protein-coding
LOC105797530 receptor-like protein 12 protein-coding
LOC105766633 WD repeat-containing protein LWD1-like protein-coding
LOC105777145 uncharacterized LOC105777145 protein-coding
LOC105800072 T-complex protein 1 subunit delta protein-coding
LOC105785833 myosin heavy chain kinase B-like protein-coding
LOC105796276 probable WRKY transcription factor 70 protein-coding
LOC105778701 histone acetyltransferase KAT6B-like protein-coding
LOC105783074 uncharacterized LOC105783074 protein-coding
LOC105781047 laccase-7-like protein-coding
LOC105763956 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase 1-like protein-coding
LOC105763933 cytochrome b5 protein-coding
LOC105796393 uncharacterized LOC105796393 protein-coding
LOC105767799 protein NETWORKED 4A-like protein-coding
LOC105791424 uncharacterized protein C20orf24 homolog protein-coding
LOC105794766 probable protein phosphatase 2C 15 protein-coding
LOC105768880 phospholipase A2-alpha protein-coding
LOC105774094 peroxisomal fatty acid beta-oxidation multifunctional protein AIM1-like protein-coding
LOC105796476 pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At4g14050, mitochondrial protein-coding
LOC105799637 TLD domain-containing protein 1 protein-coding
LOC105798597 uncharacterized LOC105798597 protein-coding
LOC105803531 uncharacterized protein K02A2.6-like protein-coding
LOC105803901 patatin-like protein 5 protein-coding
LOC105773874 nuclear pore complex protein NUP85 protein-coding
LOC105790356 uncharacterized LOC105790356 protein-coding
LOC105774371 NHP2-like protein 1 protein-coding
LOC105782605 serine/threonine-protein kinase SRK2A-like protein-coding
LOC105792185 bifunctional UDP-glucose 4-epimerase and UDP-xylose 4-epimerase 1 protein-coding
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