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Oryza sativa Japonica Group (Japanese rice)

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157 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
Os07g0532050 uncharacterized LOC107278115 protein-coding
Os02g0175200 uncharacterized LOC107276844 protein-coding
Os05g0267766 uncharacterized LOC107278380 protein-coding
Os08g0410851 uncharacterized LOC107282008 protein-coding
Os05g0414600 uncharacterized LOC4338796 protein-coding
Os12g0419000 uncharacterized LOC107279754 protein-coding
Os07g0616850 uncharacterized LOC107277036 protein-coding
Os03g0349600 uncharacterized LOC9271082 protein-coding
Os05g0575500 uncharacterized LOC4339690 protein-coding
Os03g0104000 uncharacterized LOC4331306 protein-coding
Os02g0651500 uncharacterized LOC4330169 protein-coding
Os02g0640401 uncharacterized LOC4330109 protein-coding
Os12g0113001 uncharacterized LOC107278454 protein-coding
Os06g0360600 uncharacterized LOC4341001 protein-coding
Os04g0183200 uncharacterized protein KIAA0930 homolog protein-coding
Os01g0728000 uncharacterized LOC4323917 protein-coding
Os08g0413850 uncharacterized LOC4345565 protein-coding
Os11g0574725 uncharacterized LOC107278577 protein-coding
Os06g0595433 uncharacterized LOC4341428 protein-coding
Os05g0470400 uncharacterized LOC107277491 protein-coding
Os09g0520550 uncharacterized LOC4347608 protein-coding
Os11g0133850 uncharacterized LOC4349696 protein-coding
Os02g0696650 uncharacterized LOC4330403 protein-coding
Os06g0610300 uncharacterized LOC4341503 protein-coding
Os04g0163700 uncharacterized LOC9270447 protein-coding
Os04g0198733 uncharacterized LOC9271292 protein-coding
Os02g0282600 uncharacterized LOC107278436 protein-coding
Os03g0758551 uncharacterized LOC4334175 protein-coding
Os05g0160701 uncharacterized LOC4337885 protein-coding
Os04g0140800 uncharacterized LOC107280582 protein-coding
Os10g0560500 uncharacterized LOC107279230 protein-coding
Os11g0532900 uncharacterized LOC4350640 protein-coding
Os04g0518600 uncharacterized LOC9272664 protein-coding
Os12g0640066 uncharacterized PE-PGRS family protein PE_PGRS54 protein-coding
Os08g0555650 uncharacterized LOC4346282 protein-coding
Os11g0119025 uncharacterized LOC4349620 protein-coding
Os08g0194501 uncharacterized LOC107277898 protein-coding
Os12g0102300 uncharacterized LOC4351243 protein-coding
Os06g0225600 uncharacterized LOC9271119 protein-coding
Os04g0535000 uncharacterized LOC4336512 protein-coding
Os02g0734667 uncharacterized LOC4330644 protein-coding
Os10g0130500 uncharacterized LOC4348034 protein-coding
Os11g0412484 uncharacterized LOC107275286 protein-coding
Os10g0169400 uncharacterized LOC107279053 protein-coding
Os08g0433350 uncharacterized LOC4345651 protein-coding
Os05g0148800 uncharacterized LOC4337814 protein-coding
Os08g0112000 uncharacterized LOC9269978 protein-coding
Os11g0558500 uncharacterized LOC4350730 protein-coding
Os05g0449100 uncharacterized acetyltransferase At3g50280 protein-coding
Os09g0325100 uncharacterized LOC9271068 protein-coding
Os04g0468000 uncharacterized LOC107280571 protein-coding
Os11g0481500 uncharacterized LOC4350514 protein-coding
Os09g0535600 uncharacterized LOC107278482 protein-coding
Os03g0189800 uncharacterized LOC107280359 protein-coding
Os01g0694500 uncharacterized LOC107281471 protein-coding
Os10g0121534 uncharacterized LOC4348002 protein-coding
Os03g0283500 uncharacterized LOC4332458 protein-coding
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