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Setaria italica (foxtail millet)

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27705 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
LOC101777789 equilibrative nucleotide transporter 3 protein-coding
LOC101764400 ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE 3-like 3 protein protein-coding
LOC101769238 protein HESO1 protein-coding
LOC101774258 RNA-binding protein CP29B, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101772441 translin-associated protein X protein-coding
LOC101754427 uncharacterized LOC101754427 protein-coding
LOC101781247 probable potassium transporter 3 protein-coding
LOC106804218 uncharacterized LOC106804218 protein-coding
LOC101773675 uncharacterized LOC101773675 protein-coding
LOC101766199 pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At4g14050, mitochondrial protein-coding
LOC101757439 probable histone H2A variant 1 protein-coding
LOC101763124 uncharacterized LOC101763124 protein-coding
LOC101783621 ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase 1, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101771013 uncharacterized LOC101771013 protein-coding
LOC101767995 DUF21 domain-containing protein At2g14520 protein-coding
LOC101779393 elongator complex protein 2 protein-coding
LOC101780794 cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 7 [UDP-forming] protein-coding
LOC101779938 protein CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON 1 protein-coding
LOC101774584 ACT domain-containing protein ACR4 protein-coding
LOC101755592 transcription termination factor MTERF4, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101774378 fatty acyl-CoA reductase 1 protein-coding
LOC101778294 tubby-like F-box protein 12 protein-coding
LOC101781828 protein transport protein SFT2 protein-coding
LOC101783506 mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 5 protein-coding
LOC101778835 uncharacterized LOC101778835 protein-coding
LOC101766660 putative RNA-binding protein YlmH protein-coding
LOC101756207 superoxide dismutase [Fe] 2, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101760071 exosome complex component RRP4 homolog protein-coding
LOC101755278 two-component response regulator ORR21 protein-coding
LOC101781064 uncharacterized LOC101781064 protein-coding
LOC101772906 uncharacterized LOC101772906 protein-coding
LOC101763293 uncharacterized LOC101763293 protein-coding
LOC101770617 ervatamin-B protein-coding
LOC101757016 protein PYRICULARIA ORYZAE RESISTANCE 21 protein-coding
LOC101775978 rust resistance kinase Lr10 protein-coding
LOC101755064 BTB/POZ and MATH domain-containing protein 1-like protein-coding
LOC101755252 uridine kinase-like protein 3 protein-coding
LOC101783077 H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex non-core subunit NAF1 protein-coding
LOC101765298 septin and tuftelin-interacting protein 1 homolog 1-like protein-coding
LOC101767749 cysteine synthase protein-coding
LOC105914662 auxin-induced protein 15A protein-coding
LOC101778711 BTB/POZ domain-containing protein At2g13690 protein-coding
LOC101774788 xylanase inhibitor protein 1 protein-coding
LOC105913928 uncharacterized LOC105913928 protein-coding
LOC101770131 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 4 homolog protein-coding
LOC101770786 probable carboxylesterase 18 protein-coding
LOC101763856 putative cyclin-dependent kinase F-2 protein-coding
LOC101774421 endoglucanase 13 protein-coding
LOC101756146 nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase 2 protein-coding
LOC101761863 CASP-like protein 4A2 protein-coding
LOC101759416 vegetative cell wall protein gp1-like protein-coding
LOC101752934 probable calcium-binding protein CML36 protein-coding
LOC101768170 transcription factor TCP21-like protein-coding
LOC101766852 BTB/POZ domain-containing protein At3g05675 protein-coding
LOC101770451 heavy metal-associated isoprenylated plant protein 35 protein-coding
LOC101784888 ubiquitin recognition factor in ER-associated degradation protein 1 protein-coding
LOC101754247 uncharacterized LOC101754247 protein-coding
LOC101782253 sulfite reductase [ferredoxin], chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101754577 non-specific lipid-transfer protein 2P-like protein-coding
LOC101766621 cytochrome P450 89A2 protein-coding
LOC105913770 uncharacterized LOC105913770 protein-coding
LOC101785692 transcription factor MYB16 protein-coding
LOC101786936 xylanase inhibitor protein 1 protein-coding
LOC101784712 NLR family CARD domain-containing protein 3 protein-coding
LOC101786940 uncharacterized LOC101786940 protein-coding
LOC101783154 thioredoxin-like 3-2, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101753335 zinc finger protein 4 protein-coding
LOC101785514 probable acetyltransferase NATA1-like protein-coding
LOC101754003 violaxanthin de-epoxidase, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101754125 uncharacterized LOC101754125 protein-coding
LOC101770030 protein STRICTOSIDINE SYNTHASE-LIKE 10 protein-coding
LOC101754703 proline-rich receptor-like protein kinase PERK4 protein-coding
LOC101781723 uncharacterized N-acetyltransferase YoaA protein-coding
LOC101784202 mitogen-activated protein kinase 16 protein-coding
LOC101771960 TBC1 domain family member 15 protein-coding
LOC101768623 rhodanese-like/PpiC domain-containing protein 12, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101762983 methyltransferase-like protein 1 protein-coding
LOC101764403 defensin Tk-AMP-D2 protein-coding
LOC101780299 ubiquitin-like-specific protease ESD4 protein-coding
LOC101752618 remorin protein-coding
LOC101771308 periaxin-like protein-coding
LOC101772811 cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel 2 protein-coding
LOC101784637 vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 2 homolog 1 protein-coding
LOC101780231 uncharacterized LOC101780231 protein-coding
LOC101782299 pathogen-related protein protein-coding
LOC101760367 uncharacterized LOC101760367 protein-coding
LOC101783280 uncharacterized LOC101783280 protein-coding
LOC101785189 CRIB domain-containing protein RIC10 protein-coding
LOC101770270 uncharacterized LOC101770270 protein-coding
LOC101774935 ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase complex assembly factor 1 protein-coding
LOC101752472 serine/threonine-protein kinase STY46 protein-coding
LOC101770864 uncharacterized LOC101770864 protein-coding
LOC101766298 protein CMSS1 protein-coding
LOC101781983 probable carboxylesterase 17 protein-coding
LOC101759913 uncharacterized LOC101759913 protein-coding
LOC101777445 ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 1, chloroplastic protein-coding
LOC101756054 uncharacterized LOC101756054 protein-coding
LOC101780516 uncharacterized LOC101780516 protein-coding
LOC101761549 nudix hydrolase 13, mitochondrial protein-coding
LOC101777085 uncharacterized LOC101777085 protein-coding
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