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Taeniopygia guttata (zebra finch)

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14129 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
LOC100190462 ubiquitin C variant 14-like protein-coding
LOC105760827 zinc finger protein 474-like protein-coding
TPPP tubulin polymerization promoting protein protein-coding
MED22 mediator complex subunit 22 protein-coding
SHMT1 serine hydroxymethyltransferase 1 protein-coding
SIGLEC15 sialic acid binding Ig like lectin 15 protein-coding
PFKM phosphofructokinase, muscle protein-coding
ROBO3 roundabout guidance receptor 3 protein-coding
LOC105759051 uncharacterized LOC105759051 protein-coding
LOC100222957 interleukin-2 receptor subunit alpha-like protein-coding
LOC100218133 cytosolic phospholipase A2 epsilon-like protein-coding
LOC100218480 feather keratin 1-like protein-coding
RAMP3 receptor activity modifying protein 3 protein-coding
S100P S100 calcium binding protein P protein-coding
PTPN5 protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 5 protein-coding
SMDT1 single-pass membrane protein with aspartate rich tail 1 protein-coding
SLC22A23 solute carrier family 22 member 23 protein-coding
NTSR1 neurotensin receptor 1 protein-coding
TMTC4 transmembrane and tetratricopeptide repeat containing 4 protein-coding
DGCR6L DiGeorge syndrome critical region gene 6 like protein-coding
TF transferrin protein-coding
GABRA5 gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor alpha5 subunit protein-coding
CCNB2 cyclin B2 protein-coding
LOC100219931 proto-oncogene Mas-like protein-coding
CCDC58 coiled-coil domain containing 58 protein-coding
ALDH1A1 aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family member A1 protein-coding
HNRNPA0 heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A0 protein-coding
ACMSD aminocarboxymuconate semialdehyde decarboxylase protein-coding
LOC105758486 protocadherin gamma-A5-like protein-coding
P2RX4 purinergic receptor P2X 4 protein-coding
LOC100228523 uncharacterized LOC100228523 protein-coding
P2RY14 purinergic receptor P2Y14 protein-coding
RSPO1 R-spondin 1 protein-coding
EPSTI1 epithelial stromal interaction 1 protein-coding
LOC100229985 nucleoporin NUP188 homolog protein-coding
RALGAPA1 Ral GTPase activating protein catalytic alpha subunit 1 protein-coding
OFCC1 orofacial cleft 1 candidate 1 protein-coding
MPHOSPH9 M-phase phosphoprotein 9 protein-coding
DKC1 dyskerin pseudouridine synthase 1 protein-coding
FAM126B family with sequence similarity 126 member B protein-coding
PODN podocan protein-coding
EXOC5 exocyst complex component 5 protein-coding
POLR2G RNA polymerase II subunit G protein-coding
CHCHD10 coiled-coil-helix-coiled-coil-helix domain containing 10 protein-coding
PPP4R4 protein phosphatase 4 regulatory subunit 4 protein-coding
TRAF3IP3 TRAF3 interacting protein 3 protein-coding
RIPOR2 RHO family interacting cell polarization regulator 2 protein-coding
POLR3A RNA polymerase III subunit A protein-coding
UNC13B unc-13 homolog B protein-coding
CARD9 caspase recruitment domain family member 9 protein-coding
ATP6V1C2 ATPase H+ transporting V1 subunit C2 protein-coding
STAT4 signal transducer and activator of transcription 4 protein-coding
MKRN2 makorin ring finger protein 2 protein-coding
BRI3BP BRI3 binding protein protein-coding
LMAN2L lectin, mannose-binding 2-like protein-coding
CAMSAP1 calmodulin regulated spectrin associated protein 1 protein-coding
LOC105760864 collagen alpha-2(XI) chain-like protein-coding
LEP leptin protein-coding
LOC100221345 nuclear receptor corepressor 1-like protein-coding
ACOX1 acyl-CoA oxidase 1 protein-coding
FAH fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase protein-coding
CHD4 chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 4 protein-coding
METTL25 methyltransferase like 25 protein-coding
GATM glycine amidinotransferase protein-coding
IGF1R insulin like growth factor 1 receptor protein-coding
CENPI centromere protein I protein-coding
EGFR epidermal growth factor receptor protein-coding
SLC9A5 solute carrier family 9 member A5 protein-coding
METTL26 methyltransferase like 26 protein-coding
MPC1 mitochondrial pyruvate carrier 1 protein-coding
LOC100227084 zona pellucida sperm-binding protein 4-like protein-coding
WWOX WW domain containing oxidoreductase protein-coding
LOC100190183 DNA directed RNA polymerase II polypeptide K-like protein-coding
NCEH1 neutral cholesterol ester hydrolase 1 protein-coding
SLC46A3 solute carrier family 46 member 3 protein-coding
TIAM2 T cell lymphoma invasion and metastasis 2 protein-coding
LOC105759428 testis-specific serine/threonine-protein kinase 6-like protein-coding
LOC101232903 mucin-4-like protein-coding
HOMER2 homer scaffolding protein 2 protein-coding
GLT1D1 glycosyltransferase 1 domain containing 1 protein-coding
DCLRE1B DNA cross-link repair 1B protein-coding
LOC100232309 diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 2-like protein-coding
ACOD1 aconitate decarboxylase 1 protein-coding
NUDT9 nudix hydrolase 9 protein-coding
PDE9A phosphodiesterase 9A protein-coding
LOC100222678 glucose-6-phosphatase protein-coding
COBLL1 cordon-bleu WH2 repeat protein like 1 protein-coding
LOC100227010 uncharacterized LOC100227010 protein-coding
PTAFR platelet activating factor receptor protein-coding
MAPK13 mitogen-activated protein kinase 13 protein-coding
HHATL hedgehog acyltransferase like protein-coding
COL4A3BP collagen type IV alpha 3 binding protein protein-coding
MSN moesin protein-coding
SPATA13 spermatogenesis associated 13 protein-coding
ARHGAP15 Rho GTPase activating protein 15 protein-coding
LOC100225625 solute carrier family 25 member 36-A-like protein-coding
ZNF106 zinc finger protein 106 protein-coding
DDR2 discoidin domain receptor tyrosine kinase 2 protein-coding
VPREB3 V-set pre-B cell surrogate light chain 3 protein-coding
HNRNPAB heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A/B protein-coding
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