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Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)

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135 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
Elk Eag-like K[+] channel protein-coding
Eig71Eg Ecdysone-induced gene 71Eg protein-coding
Est-Q Esterase Q protein-coding
Eig71Ef Ecdysone-induced gene 71Ef protein-coding
Ect3 Ectoderm-expressed 3 protein-coding
Ef1beta Elongation factor 1 beta protein-coding
Ets96B CG6892 gene product from transcript CG6892-RC protein-coding
E(z) Enhancer of zeste protein-coding
E(var)3-9 Enhancer of variegation 3-9 protein-coding
EloB Elongin B protein-coding
Eph Eph receptor tyrosine kinase protein-coding
EndoB Endophilin B protein-coding
EfTuM Elongation factor Tu mitochondrial protein-coding
Eip75B Ecdysone-induced protein 75B protein-coding
Efa6 Exchange factor for Arf 6 protein-coding
EndoGI Endonuclease G inhibitor protein-coding
Egfr Epidermal growth factor receptor protein-coding
Eaf ELL-associated factor protein-coding
Eig71Eb Ecdysone-induced gene 71Eb protein-coding
EndoA Endophilin A protein-coding
Eno Enolase protein-coding
Ef1gamma CG11901 gene product from transcript CG11901-RC protein-coding
Edg78E Ecdysone-dependent gene 78E protein-coding
Elf Ef1alpha-like factor protein-coding
Esp Epidermal stripes and patches protein-coding
EloA Elongin A protein-coding
Ets65A Ets at 65A protein-coding
Edem2 ER degradation enhancer, mannosidase alpha-like 2 protein-coding
Etl1 CG5899 gene product from transcript CG5899-RA protein-coding
Efhc1.2 EFHC1 homologue 2 protein-coding
Evi5 Ecotropic viral integration site 5 protein-coding
Eig71Ea Ecdysone-induced gene 71Ea protein-coding
Epac Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP protein-coding
Exo84 Exocyst 84 protein-coding
ERR estrogen-related receptor protein-coding
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