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Homo sapiens (human)

Chromosome: 7

Map Location: 7p22.3

39 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
BRAT1 BRCA1 associated ATM activator 1 protein-coding
MRM2 mitochondrial rRNA methyltransferase 2 protein-coding
ZFAND2A zinc finger AN1-type containing 2A protein-coding
SUN1 Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 1 protein-coding
DNAAF5 dynein axonemal assembly factor 5 protein-coding
TMEM184A transmembrane protein 184A protein-coding
MAFK MAF bZIP transcription factor K protein-coding
PRKAR1B protein kinase cAMP-dependent type I regulatory subunit beta protein-coding
PDGFA platelet derived growth factor subunit A protein-coding
LFNG LFNG O-fucosylpeptide 3-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase protein-coding
ADAP1 ArfGAP with dual PH domains 1 protein-coding
INTS1 integrator complex subunit 1 protein-coding
LOC105375116 TRIO and F-actin-binding protein-like protein-coding
COX19 COX19, cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor protein-coding
SNX8 sorting nexin 8 protein-coding
TTYH3 tweety family member 3 protein-coding
LOC107986754 cuticle collagen 34-like protein-coding
CHST12 carbohydrate sulfotransferase 12 protein-coding
UNCX UNC homeobox protein-coding
WI2-2373I1.2 forkhead box L1-like ncRNA
PSMG3 proteasome assembly chaperone 3 protein-coding
LOC107986755 uncharacterized LOC107986755 protein-coding
LOC105375112 putative protein FAM157B protein-coding
MICALL2 MICAL like 2 protein-coding
CYP2W1 cytochrome P450 family 2 subfamily W member 1 protein-coding
LOC107986752 pre-mRNA-splicing factor CWC22 homolog protein-coding
FAM20C FAM20C, golgi associated secretory pathway kinase protein-coding
EIF3B eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit B protein-coding
GPER1 G protein-coupled estrogen receptor 1 protein-coding
NUDT1 nudix hydrolase 1 protein-coding
IQCE IQ motif containing E protein-coding
MAD1L1 mitotic arrest deficient 1 like 1 protein-coding
GET4 golgi to ER traffic protein 4 protein-coding
GRIFIN galectin-related inter-fiber protein protein-coding
AMZ1 archaelysin family metallopeptidase 1 protein-coding
C7orf50 chromosome 7 open reading frame 50 protein-coding
GPR146 G protein-coupled receptor 146 protein-coding
ELFN1 extracellular leucine rich repeat and fibronectin type III domain containing 1 protein-coding
LOC105375303 uncharacterized LOC105375303 protein-coding

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