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Homo sapiens (human)

Chromosome: 7

Map Location: 7q22.1

119 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
ZASP ZO-2 associated speckle protein protein-coding
PCOLCE procollagen C-endopeptidase enhancer protein-coding
EPHB4 EPH receptor B4 protein-coding
CUX1 cut like homeobox 1 protein-coding
DNAJC2 DnaJ heat shock protein family (Hsp40) member C2 protein-coding
LAMTOR4 late endosomal/lysosomal adaptor, MAPK and MTOR activator 4 protein-coding
COL26A1 collagen type XXVI alpha 1 chain protein-coding
CPSF4 cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor 4 protein-coding
PVRIG PVR related immunoglobulin domain containing protein-coding
SH2B2 SH2B adaptor protein 2 protein-coding
NPTX2 neuronal pentraxin 2 protein-coding
RELN reelin protein-coding
SLC12A9 solute carrier family 12 member 9 protein-coding
MUC17 mucin 17, cell surface associated protein-coding
POLR2J3 RNA polymerase II subunit J3 protein-coding
ZAN zonadhesin (gene/pseudogene) protein-coding
MYL10 myosin light chain 10 protein-coding
TMEM225B transmembrane protein 225B protein-coding
LOC102724229 uncharacterized LOC102724229 protein-coding
ARMC10 armadillo repeat containing 10 protein-coding
AP1S1 adaptor related protein complex 1 sigma 1 subunit protein-coding
CASTOR3 CASTOR family member 3 protein-coding
ATP5MF ATP synthase membrane subunit f protein-coding
ZSCAN21 zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 21 protein-coding
NAT16 N-acetyltransferase 16 (putative) protein-coding
IFT22 intraflagellar transport 22 protein-coding
ZNF394 zinc finger protein 394 protein-coding
TSC22D4 TSC22 domain family member 4 protein-coding
MCM7 minichromosome maintenance complex component 7 protein-coding
CNPY4 canopy FGF signaling regulator 4 protein-coding
LOC100289561 uncharacterized LOC100289561 protein-coding
CYP3A43 cytochrome P450 family 3 subfamily A member 43 protein-coding
MUC3A mucin 3A, cell surface associated protein-coding
SPDYE6 speedy/RINGO cell cycle regulator family member E6 protein-coding
PRKRIP1 PRKR interacting protein 1 protein-coding
NFE4 nuclear factor, erythroid 4 protein-coding
SLC26A5 solute carrier family 26 member 5 protein-coding
TRIP6 thyroid hormone receptor interactor 6 protein-coding
FBXO24 F-box protein 24 protein-coding
UPK3BL1 uroplakin 3B like 1 protein-coding
GJC3 gap junction protein gamma 3 protein-coding
GNB2 G protein subunit beta 2 protein-coding
GAL3ST4 galactose-3-O-sulfotransferase 4 protein-coding
ATP5MF-PTCD1 ATP5MF-PTCD1 readthrough protein-coding
ACTL6B actin like 6B protein-coding
ARPC1B actin related protein 2/3 complex subunit 1B protein-coding
PILRA paired immunoglobin like type 2 receptor alpha protein-coding
ZKSCAN5 zinc finger with KRAB and SCAN domains 5 protein-coding
TAF6 TATA-box binding protein associated factor 6 protein-coding
C7orf43 chromosome 7 open reading frame 43 protein-coding
LRCH4 leucine rich repeats and calponin homology domain containing 4 protein-coding
TRRAP transformation/transcription domain associated protein protein-coding
ZNF3 zinc finger protein 3 protein-coding
COPS6 COP9 signalosome subunit 6 protein-coding
ZNF655 zinc finger protein 655 protein-coding
CYP3A4 cytochrome P450 family 3 subfamily A member 4 protein-coding
MOGAT3 monoacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 3 protein-coding
LRWD1 leucine rich repeats and WD repeat domain containing 1 protein-coding
PMPCB peptidase, mitochondrial processing beta subunit protein-coding
AZGP1 alpha-2-glycoprotein 1, zinc-binding protein-coding
ARPC1A actin related protein 2/3 complex subunit 1A protein-coding
POP7 POP7 homolog, ribonuclease P/MRP subunit protein-coding
TMEM130 transmembrane protein 130 protein-coding
C7orf61 chromosome 7 open reading frame 61 protein-coding
LRRC17 leucine rich repeat containing 17 protein-coding
SMURF1 SMAD specific E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1 protein-coding
ACHE acetylcholinesterase (Cartwright blood group) protein-coding
VGF VGF nerve growth factor inducible protein-coding
KPNA7 karyopherin subunit alpha 7 protein-coding
FIS1 fission, mitochondrial 1 protein-coding
CYP3A7 cytochrome P450 family 3 subfamily A member 7 protein-coding
GPC2 glypican 2 protein-coding
BUD31 BUD31 homolog protein-coding
SPDYE3 speedy/RINGO cell cycle regulator family member E3 protein-coding
MUC12 mucin 12, cell surface associated protein-coding
UFSP1 UFM1 specific peptidase 1 (inactive) protein-coding
GIGYF1 GRB10 interacting GYF protein 1 protein-coding
MOSPD3 motile sperm domain containing 3 protein-coding
ZNF789 zinc finger protein 789 protein-coding
RASA4B RAS p21 protein activator 4B protein-coding
UPK3BL2 uroplakin 3B like 2 protein-coding
PPP1R35 protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 35 protein-coding
PSMC2 proteasome 26S subunit, ATPase 2 protein-coding
SPDYE2B speedy/RINGO cell cycle regulator family member E2B protein-coding
POLR2J2 RNA polymerase II subunit J2 protein-coding
FAM185A family with sequence similarity 185 member A protein-coding
TFR2 transferrin receptor 2 protein-coding
ORAI2 ORAI calcium release-activated calcium modulator 2 protein-coding
SAP25 Sin3A associated protein 25 protein-coding
NAPEPLD N-acyl phosphatidylethanolamine phospholipase D protein-coding
PILRB paired immunoglobin-like type 2 receptor beta protein-coding
ZCWPW1 zinc finger CW-type and PWWP domain containing 1 protein-coding
MEPCE methylphosphate capping enzyme protein-coding
TRIM4 tripartite motif containing 4 protein-coding
CYP3A7-CYP3A51P CYP3A7-CYP3A51P readthrough protein-coding
RASA4 RAS p21 protein activator 4 protein-coding
FBXL13 F-box and leucine rich repeat protein 13 protein-coding
STAG3 stromal antigen 3 protein-coding
TRIM56 tripartite motif containing 56 protein-coding
CYP3A5 cytochrome P450 family 3 subfamily A member 5 protein-coding
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