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Gene Synthesis Service

Gene Synthesis Service Quotation

As a pioneer and leader in gene synthesis technology with over 600,000 completed gene synthesis projects for scientists around the world, GenScript has the expertise to help you achieve your gene synthesis needs. Gene synthesis enables powerful solutions for molecular cloning, creating fusion proteins, or achieving sufficiently high protein expression levels. Compared to traditional molecular cloning techniques, GenScript's gene synthesis service saves both time and money while offering unparalleled top to bottom customizability.

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Our experienced Ph.D.-level project managers ensure that you receive professional service tailored to your needs and on-time delivery of ISO 9001:2008 certifiedwhat's this? products with 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed.

"GenScript is the company that I have entrusted my project with. The delivery of your gene synthesis is on time and the OptimumGene™ technology on your Gene-on-Demand® gene synthesis platform has increased my gene expression dramatically. I am very happy with my results and GenScript is always my first choice for gene services." – Bin He, Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA.

The International Organization of Standardization, (ISO) defines quality management standards across industries and national borders. ISO 9001 is a series of documents that establish requirements for Quality Management System (QMS) standards. ISO 9001 certification assures customers that the company has a reliable QMS in place. An organization with an effective QMS will meet customer expectations with greater regularity and precision than an organization that does not.

GenScript's products and services are certified by ISO 9001:2008, the current and only valid version of the QMS standard.

Custom Gene Synthesis

Any DNA sequence, even complex, GC-rich, repeated, or long genes, with 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed

  Express Gene Synthesis

Delivery in as few as 4 days -- the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

GenPlus™ Next-Gen HT Gene Synthesis

Highly parallel automated technology offers cost-effective high-throughput gene synthesis

  Economy Gene Synthesis

Codon-optimized genes starting at $0.23/bp with no minimum order size

GenBrick™ Synthesis

8-15 kb long DNA fragments, the fundamental building blocks of synthetic biology

  OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization

Patented gene optimization algorithm improves protein expression, at no extra cost with gene synthesis

Service Highlight! OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization – Free with any quote!
GenScript's OptimumGene™ Gene Design System is a proprietary PSO-based gene optimization technology that is one of the only codon optimization tools to take into account multiple variables affecting gene expression when optimizing your genes. This allows GenScript to alter both naturally occurring and recombinant gene sequences to achieve the highest possible levels of expression in any host. Find out more »

Gene Synthesis Service Options

Gene Length Starting Price * Starting
Turnaround Time (business days)*
Minimum Order Size Codon Optimization Starting Turnaround Time with Plasmid Prep Service (business days)
Custom Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC1010
≤ 8kb Starts at $0.35/bp or minimum charge $159/gene
Request a quote
8 No minimum Optional (complimentary) 10
GenBrick™ Synthesis
Cat No. SC1584
 > 8 kb Starts at $0.45/bp
Request a quote
23 No minimum Optional (complimentary) 25
Rush Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC1575
≤ 2 kb Request a quote 4 No minimum Optional (complimentary) 6
Fast Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC1619
≤ 5 kb Request a quote 7 No minimum Optional (complimentary) 9
GenPlus™ HT Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC 1645
≤10 kb Starts at $0.11/bp or $99/gene for orders
≥ 10 genes.
Request a quote
12 10 genes Optional (complimentary) 12
GenPlus™ Economy
Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC1681
≤10 kb $0.23/bp
Request a quote
15 No minimum Required (complimentary) 17

* The prices and turnaround times here are estimates for non-complex genes. Price and turnaround increase as gene length and complexity increase. Please contact us to learn about discounted pricing for high-volume orders, institutional contracts, long-term partnerships, or to discuss your specific requirements. Be sure to check our current promotions.

  1. Downstream services, including cloning, mutagenesis. plasmid prep and protein expression evaluation, are available at additional cost.
  2. Customers retain all rights to the sequence data and related intellectual property.

Advantages of Custom Gene Synthesis

New! Now receive your 1,501-3,000 bp genes two days faster!

The following are estimates based on typical orders; complex sequences may take longer. For a more accurate estimate based upon your specific needs, please request a quote.

Gene Length Standard Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC1010
(Business Days)
Fast Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC1619
(Business Days)
Rush Gene Synthesis
Cat No. SC1575
(Business Days)
≤ 800 bp
8 - 10 days
7 days
4 days
801 bp - 1,200 bp
8 - 10 days
7 days
5 days
1,201 bp – 1,500 bp
8 - 10 days
9 days
7 days
1,501 bp – 2,000 bp
10 - 12 days New!
9 days
7 days
2,001 bp - 3,000 bp
10 - 12 days New!
11 days
3,001 bp - 4,500 bp
16 - 20 days
15 days
4,501 bp - 5,000 bp
21 - 25 days
15 days
5,001 bp - 6,000 bp
21 - 25 days
6,001 bp - 8,000 bp
23 - 30 days

For genes >8kb in length, please order GenBrick™ Building Blocks for Synthetic Biology

Vector Information

Vector Type
Click on vector name below to see vector map and complete vector sequence
GenScript Standard Vectors1
New! Express Cloning Vectors2
150 popular vectors for mammalian, bacterial, yeast, or baculovirus/insect expression systems.
See Vector List.
New! VectorArk Storage & Cloning
Free, secure storage of your custom or commercial vectors; $49 cloning into any of your archived vectors.
Other Vectors3
Any commercial or custom vector of your choice

1: GenScript Standard Vectors: Synthetic genes will be delivered in your choice of Standard Vector at no additional cost. There is no need to mail us an aliquot of the vector.
2: Express Cloning: Subcloning into any of these vectors is $49 and 2 days extra turnaround time for sequences <10kb. There is no need to mail us an aliquot of the vector.
3. Subcloning into any other vector not listed here starts at $149 and 5 days to turnaround time for sequences <3kb. Please mail in an aliquot of the vector.

Delivery Specifications

  • 4 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert
  • Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)
  • Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
  • Quality assurance certificate

Customer Testimonials

The best testimony to the value of GenScript's molecular biology services is the remarkable collection of studies published in high-impact journals that mention GenScript in their methods section. Over 10,000 publications cite GenScript services and products, making us the most cited biotech company in the world.

Quotes and Ordering Process

Not sure which gene synthesis service is right for you? Check our Purchasing Guide.

Ordering Process Gene Synthesis Service Quotation

Decide your own delivery tubes
of gene synthesis!

  Default 96-well plates Upgraded 96 delivery tubes with
septum 1-3729
Upgraded 96 delivery tubes with
septum 2-3791
Upgraded 96 delivery
tubes with
septum 3-3741
Upgraded 96 delivery tubes with
septum 4-4274
Closure Laminating film DuraSeal caps DuraSeal caps Colorless screw caps DuraSeal caps
Capacity (Metric) 1.0ml 0.75ml 1.4ml 1.0ml 0.75ml
Material Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Virgin Class VI Medical Grade Polypropylene Polypropylene
Sterile No No No Yes Yes
Volume (Metric) 1.0ml 0.75ml 1.4ml 1.0ml 0.75ml
Well Shape V Bottom V Bottom V Bottom V Bottom V Bottom
Barcode N/A 2D barcoded on tubes 2D barcoded on tubes
  • Data-matrix with ECC200 Built-in Error
  • Correction barcoded on tubes
  • 2D Datamatrix, Liner EAN Code 128 Human Readable on rack
Location Type location number on plate 2D Barcode
Open Top
2D Barcode
Open Top
2D Barcode
location number on tube
Price (USD$) Free of charge $35 $57 $38 $25
Your choice
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