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Protein Expression & Purification

Downstream Molecular Biology Services

GenScript offers one-stop solutions so that you can receive the exact reagents you need for your experiments without having to do further molecular biology in your lab. Our comprehensive downstream services include seamless cloning into any vector, site-directed mutagenesis, and plasmid prep. Our services are highly flexible to accommodate your specific project requirements, and our Ph.D.-level technical account managers can work with you to build the most economical package for your needs. Free your energy and time from routine reagent preparation for more creative research!

Downstream Services for Gene Synthesis

  • Seamless cloning into any vector with recombination-based CloneEZ™ technology

  • Express Cloning offers >100 popular expression vectors with no need to mail an aliquot of the vector. 
    See Vector List.
  • any combination of mutations within a 30-base frame
  • Choose from Research or Transfection grade: ≥ 95% Supercoiled DNA, ≤ 0.005 EU/μg Endotoxin
  • GLP and sterile filtering options available
  • Animal-free process with stringent quality-control measures
Starting Price
(in addition to price for gene synthesis)
$50 for 100µg
Turnaround time
(in addition to time for gene synthesis)
2 business days
 5 business days
5 business days
How to Order

Molecular Biology Services for your template DNA

If you want to outsource molecular biology work employing template DNA you already have (without de novo gene synthesis), we offer the following services:

from customer-provided templates
from customer-provided templates
Plasmid Prep
from customer-provided templates
Cat #
Starting Price
$50 for 100µg

For genes shorter than 1 kb. For longer genes that require full sequencing, we add an additional $100 per kb for screening and sequencing. Certain non-commercial vectors may incur additional charges.

For genes less than 1 kb in length. For genes longer than 1 kb, an additional $100 per kb will be applied. One mutation is defined as any combination of mutations within a 30-base frame.

 For 100 mg of Research grade plasmid DNA. Preps up to multi-gram level, Transfection grade, and options for GLP and sterile preparation are available at additional cost.

How to Order

Please request a quote using the links above, and our Technical Support Representative will contact you within 24 hours with pricing and timeline information tailored to your request.