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30% Off for Your Mutagenesis Order (Promotion Code: 10MUTA30%OFFSEP)

GenScript now offers site-directed mutagenesis service for your historical DNA clones, there is no need to ship the DNA template to GenScript, and the final variant clone will be fully sequenced before being delivered.

A time-limited 30% off promotion is now available for the mutagenesis order to let more researchers enjoy the convenience from this service. All you need to do is to let us know your DNA template (with a GenScript order ID and item ID) and final variant sequence, either through the online quote system or e-mail our technical support team.

Why doing mutagenesis at GenScript

Reagents and Labor In-house Bench work GenScript
Oligo synthesis 70nt*$0.35/nt≈$24.5 $99
Site-directed mutagenesis kit per reaction $26
Sequencing verification $4*2*3(clones)=$24
Other reagents $5
Time consuming $100
All cost $179.50
Typical turnaround 9 business days 8 business days

Note: the in-house example is calculated for a variant clones shorted than 3kb with one mutation, under a 100% success rate.

Terms and conditions: