Create synthetic gene variants

Perform structure-function analyses

Epigenetic modification for gene expression regulation

Diagnose tumors and modify embryonic development

Prepare gene therapies


Although we can also analyze the relationship between structure and function at the protein level, analysis at the genetic level has enormous potential. Researchers sometimes need to learn the structure-function differential of enzymes, receptors, and other molecules by performing genetic manipulations, such as epigenetic modification or point mutagenesis. Such studies are heavily dependent on precise and reliable gene modification, which can be very limited.

Our Solution

All these problems may be overcome through the use of high-quality gene modification technology, such as GenScript's proprietary gene synthesis. GenScript gene modification technology is based on advances in the understanding of gene synthesis, of the relationship between gene structure and function, and of geneotype and phenotype. With an extensive history of speedy and reliable gene synthesis, GenScript can help you design your own high-quality genes and cDNAs at highly competitive prices.

Our Advantages

Let GenScript's vast experience in gene modification and custom gene synthesis accelerate your research by providing you with high-quality genes tailored to your specific needs.

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