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Glutamine Synthetase gene expression system

Glutamine Synthetase Gene Expression Technology

Glutamine Synthetase Gene Expression System Quotation

The Glutamine Synthetase gene expression is widely used for recombinant antibody and protein production in mammalian cell culture. Glutamine Synthetase gene expression relies on glutamine synthetase enzyme which synthesizes glutamine from glutamate and ammonium ions. Since many mammalian cells cannot make endogenous glutamine, transfection with a vector encoding Glutamine Synthetase enzyme ensures cell survival in culture. And for those cells that make endogenous glutamine, using the Glutamine Synthetase enzyme inhibitor, methionine sulfoximine (MSX), enables suppression of the endogenous glutamine while allowing use of the Glutamine Synthetase vector for recombinant expression. To learn more about the Glutamine Synthetase technology principle, click here.

GenScript's Glutamine Synthetase technology uses a proprietary vector with a strong promoter to drive recombinant gene expression and a relatively weaker promoter that drives the Glutamine Synthetase gene expression. The reliability of the Glutamine Synthetase gene expression will allow the rapid generation of high-producing cell lines. To see Glutamine Synthetase technology case studies, click here. For GenScript Glutamine Synthetase gene expression details, see below.

Key Features and Advantages of GenScript Glutamine Synthetase Technology

Feature Advantage
Glutamine Synthetase Vector
  • Ease of Glutamine Synthetase based selection system
  • Selection using glutamine-free medium
  • Rapid: no need for rounds of gene amplification
  • Optimized leader sequence for efficient secretion
  • Proprietary double gene Glutamine Synthetase vector for rAb Light and Heavy chain expression
Cell Line
  • CHO-derived host cell line
  • Adapted for suspension growth in serum-free, chemically-defined media
  • Selected for superior growth and expression
Process Development
  • Fully optimized cell line development process
  • Productivity >5g/L can be achieved
  • High probability of monoclonality

GenScript Glutamine Synthetase Technology Workflow

codon optimization

GenScript Glutamine Synthetase Technology Package Details

Step Description Timeline (weeks) Deliverables Pricing
Molecular Biology
  • Codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis
  • Cloning
  • Transfection-grade DNA prep
  • Target gene(s) in pUC57 and vector map
  • Expression report
  • Top 3 stable clones
  • Comprehensive report
Glutamine Synthetase Gene Expression System Quotation
Stable cell pool screening
  • Transfection
  • Stable cell pool screening
  • Stable cell pool detection
  • Selection of top 3 cell pools
Sub-cloning & limiting dilution
  • Screening 100-300 single cell clones
  • Single cell clone detection
Batch culture or Fed-batch culture
  • Select top 10-30 clones based on expression profile, for batch culture or fed-batch culture
Cell line stability evaluation
  • Select top 5-10 clones based on expression profile, for stability test, 10 generations
  • Mycoplasma testing using NEST-PCR
Research Cell Bank Preparation
  • Preparation of frozen cells from top 3 clones for delivery (20 vials/clone)
Scale up protein or rAb production
  • Scale up and purification of rAb or protein, as per customer request
Variable, based on request

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Glutamine Synthetase Gene Expression System Quotation

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