G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) mediated signaling regulates key physiological processes, making them effective drug targets. Over 30% of all US FDA-approved drugs target GPCRs. Novel GPCR-based drugs discovery requires screening and characterization of potential drug candidates. GenScript provides a comprehensive portfolio of GPCR cell lines to evaluate GPCR signaling through second messenger assays.


Over 130 GRCP Cell Lines Over 130 GRCP Cell Lines
Single Clone Single Clone
Guaranteed Performance Guaranteed Performance
Stringent QC Standards Stringent QC Standards


Screening small molecules and biologics targeting GPCRs

Characterizing MOA of small molecules and biologics binding with GPCRs in vitro

Measuring binding affinity of small molecules and biologics binding with GPCRs

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Receptor Family List

Product List (A-Z)

Product List (Control)

Expressed Protein Host Cell Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Gα15 HEK293 HEK293/Gα15 M00554
Gα15 CHO-K1 CHO-K1/Gα15 M00257
Gqi5 CHO-K1 CHO-K1/Gqi5 M00455

Product List (A-Z)

Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
5-Hydroxytryptamine receptor 5-HT1A/HTR1A CHO-K1/5-HT1A/Gα15 M00330
5-HT2A/HTR2A CHO-K1/5-HT2A M00251
5-HT2B/HTR2B CHO-K1/5-HT2B M00249
5-HT2C/HTR2C CHO-K1/5-HT2C M00253
5-HT2C/HTR2C HEK 293/5-HT2C M00319
5-HT4/HTR4 CHO-K1/5-HT4/Gα15 M00444
Acetylcholine receptor (muscarinic) M1/CHRM1 CHO-K1/M1 M00185
M2/CHRM2 CHO-K1/M2/Gα15 M00258
M3/CHRM3 CHO-K1/M3 M00259
M4/CHRM4 CHO-K1/M4/Gα15 M00238
M5/CHRM5 CHO-K1/M5 M00186
Adenosine receptor ADORA1 CHO-K1/ADORA1/Gα15 M00324
ADORA1 HEK293/ADORA1/Gα15 M00255
ADORA2A CHO-K1/mouse ADORA2A M00575
ADORA3 CHO-K1/ADORA3/Gα15 M00464
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Adrenoceptors ADRA1A CHO-K1/ADRA1A M00225
ADRA2A CHO-K1/ADRA2A/Gα15 M00281
ADRA2B CHO-K1/ADRA2B/Gqi5 M00454
ADRA2C CHO-K1/ADRA2C/Gα15 M00252
ADRB1 CHO-K1/ADRB1/Gα15 M00269
Angiotensin receptor AT1 HEK 293/AT1 M00458
AT1 HEK 293T/AT1 M00448
Apelin receptor AGTRL1 CHO-K1/AGTRL1/Gα15 M00245
Bile acid receptor GPBAR1 CHO-K1/GPBAR1 M00432
Bombesin receptor BB1/NMBR CHO-K1/BB1 M00254
BB2/GRPR CHO-K1/BB2 M00182
BB3/BRS3 CHO-K1/BB3 M00183
Bradykinin receptor B2 CHO-K1/B2/Gα15 M00184
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Calcitonin receptor AMY1 CHO-K1/Gα15/AMY1   M00557
AMY2 CHO-K1/Gα15/AMY2   M00558
AMY3 CHO-K1/Gα15/AMY3    M00559
CALCR/CT CHO-K1/CT/Gα15 M00320
Cannabinoid receptor CNR1/CB1 CHO-K1/CB1/Gα15 M00299
CNR2/CB2 CHO-K1/CB2 M00433
Chemerin receptor CMKLR1 CHO-K1/CMKLR1/Gα15 M00301
Chemokine receptor CCR1 CHO-K1/CCR1/Gα15    M00522
CCR5 CHO-K1/CCR5/Gα15    M00523
CXCR1/IL8RA CHO-K1/CXCR1/Gα15    M00524
CXCR3/CD183 CHO-K1/CXCR3/Gα15    M00525
CXCR4/CD184 CHO-K1/CXCR4/Gα15    M00556
CXCR5/CD185 CHO-K1/CXCR5/Gα15    M00526
Cholecystokinin receptor CCKA/CCKAR CHO-K1/CCKA/Gα15 M00271
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Class A orphan GPR68/OGR1 CHO-K1/GPR68/Gα15 M00439
Complement peptide receptor C5a/C5AR1 CHO-K1/C5a/Gα15 M00327
Corticotropin releasing factor receptor CRF1/CRHR1 CHO-K1/CRF1/Gα15 M00343
CRF2/CRHR2 CHO-K1/CRF2/Gα15 M00208
Dopamine receptor D1/DRD1 CHO-K1/D1 M00247
D2s/DRD2 CHO-K1/D2s/Gα15 M00274
D2/DRD2 CHO-K1/D2/Gα15 M00152
D5/DRD5 CHO-K1/D5/Gα15 M00322
Endothelin receptor ETA/EDNRA CHO-K1/EDNRA M00149
Formylpeptide receptor FPR1 CHO-K1/FPR1/Gα15 M00429
Free fatty acid receptor GPR40/FFA1 CHO-K1/FFA1/Gα15 M00273
GPR43/FFA2 CHO-K1/FFA2/Gα15 M00437
Galanin receptor GALR1 CHO-K1/GALR1/Gα15 M00277
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Ghrelin receptor GHSR CHO-K1/GHSR M00189
GHRHR HEK293/GHRH/Gα15 M00314
Glucagon receptor GLP1R CHO-K1/GLP1R/Gα15 M00451
GLP2R CHO-K1/GLP2R/Gα15 M00307
GCGR CHO-K1/GCGR/Gα15 M00345
GCGR HEK 293/GCGR/Gα15 M00422
GIPR CHO-K1/GIP/Gα15 M00486
Gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor GNRHR CHO-K1/GNRHR/Gα15 M00426
Histamine receptor H1/HRH1 HEK293/H1 M00131
H2/HRH2 CHO-K1/H2/Gα15 M00306
H3/HRH3 CHO-K1/H3/Gα15 M00331
H4/HRH4 CHO-K1/H4/Gα15 M00289
Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor GPR109A/NIACR1 CHO-K1/NIACR1/Gα15 M00428
Kisspeptin receptor KiSS1/GPR54 CHO-K1/KiSS1 M00190
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Leukotriene receptor FPRL1 CHO-K1/FPRL1/Gα15 M00305
CysLT1 CHO-K1/CysLT1/Gα15 M00462
LTB4R CHO-K1/LTB4/Gα15 M00435
Lysophospholipid receptor EDG4/LAP2 RH7777/EDG4 M00463
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor MCH1/GPR24 HEK293/MCH1 M00211
MCH2/GPR145 CHO-K1/MCH2 M00280
Melanocortin receptor MC2 CHO-K1/MC2/Gα15 M00336
MC3 CHO-K1/MC3/Gα15 M00242
MC4 CHO-K1/MC4/Gα15 M00272
MC5 CHO-K1/MC5/Gα15 M00243
Melatonin receptor MT1/MTNR1A CHO-K1/MT1/Gα15 M00424
MT2/MTNR1B CHO-K1/MT2/Gα15 M00312
Metabrotropic glutamate receptor mGlu2/GRM2 CHO-K1/GRM2/Gα15 M00427
Motilin receptor MTLR/MLNR CHO-K1/MTLR/Gα15 M00347
Neuromedin U receptor NMUR1/GPR66 CHO-K1/NMU1 M00191
NMUR2 HEK293T/NMU2 M00244
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Neuropeptide S receptor NPSR1/NPS1b CHO-K1/NPS1b/Gα15 M00344
NPSR1/NPS1a CHO-K1/NPS1a/Gα15 M00338
Neuropeptide Y receptor NPY2R CHO-K1/NPY2/Gqi5 M00460
NPY4R CHO-K1/NPY4/Gα15 M00237
Neurotensin receptor NTS1/NT1 CHO-K1/NTS1 M00194
Opioid & opioid-like receptor OPRD1 CHO-K1/OPRD1/Gα15 M00323
OPRK1 CHO-K1/OPRK1/Gα15 M00290
OPRL1 CHO-K1/OPRL1/Gα15 M00447
OPRM1 CHO-K1/OPRM1/Gα15 M00304
Orexin receptor OX1 CHO-K1/OX1 M00224
OX2 CHO-K1/OX2 M00316
P2Y receptor P2Y1 1321N1/P2Y1 M00250
P2Y2 1321N1/P2Y2 M00318
P2Y4 1321N1/P2Y4 M00297
P2Y6 1321N1/P2Y6 M00346
P2Y11 1321N1/P2Y11 M00298
P2Y12 1321N1/P2Y12/Gα15 M00261
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Parathyroid hormone receptor PTH1/PTHR1 CHO-K1/PTH1/Gα15 M00315
Peptide P518 receptor QRFP/GPR103 CHO-K1/GPR103/Gα15 M00321
Platelet-activating factor receptor PAFR/PTAFR CHO-K1/PTAFR M00262
Prolactin releasing peptide receptor PRLHR CHO-K1/PRLHR M00341
Prostanoid receptor EP1/PTGER1 HEK293/EP1 M00228
EP2/PTGER2 CHO-K1/EP2/Gα15 M00311
FP/PTGFR HEK293/FP/Gα15 M00155
IP1/PTGIR CHO-K1/IP1/Gα15 M00310
TP/TBXA2R HEK293/TP M00309
PTGDR/DP1 CHO-K1/DP1/Gα15 M00453
PTGDR2/DP2 CHO-K1/DP2/Gα15 M00436
Protease-activated receptor PAR2/GPR11 CHO-K1/PAR2/Gα15 M00446
PAR4/F2RL3 CHO-K1/PAR4 M00206
Receptor Family Receptor Cell Line Name Cat. No.
Somatostatin receptor SST1/SSTR1 CHO-K1/SST1/Gqi5 M00473
SST2/SSTR2 CHO-K1/SST2/Gα15 M00325
SST3/SSTR3 CHO-K1/SST3/Gα15 M00285
SST4/SSTR4 CHO-K1/SST4/Gα15 M00334
SST5/SSTR5 CHO-K1/SST5/Gα15 M00286
Tachykinin receptor NK1/TACR1 CHO-K1/NK1 M00199
NK2/TACR2 CHO-K1/NK2 M00200
NK3/TACR3 CHO-K1/NK3 M00201
Thyrotropin releasing hormone receptor TRH1/TRHR CHO-K1/TRH1 M00202
Urotensin receptor UTR2 CHO-K1/UT2/Gα15 M00339
Vasopressin and oxytocin receptor OT/OXTR CHO-K1/OXTR M00195
V1B CHO-K1/V1B M00205
V2 CHO-K1/V2/Gα15 M00170
VIP and PACAP receptor PAC1R CHO-K1/PAC1/Gα15 M00203
VPAC1/VIPR1 CHO-K1/VPAC1/Gα15 M00342
VPAC2/VIPR2 CHO-K1/VPAC2/Gα15 M00226


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Stable Cell Lines Brochure

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Fc Receptor Cell Lines Flyer

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