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Go Paperless with Green Account & Plant More trees together!

Did you know that each year 17 million hectares of forests disappear from the earth due to human beings' activities? This means that we lose 4.7 hectares of forests – equivalent to about 4700 trees – in any given day! If this trend continues and we don't do anything about it, there will be no forests left in the world within a century. As a global leading biotechnology company, GenScript commits to not only Making Humans and Nature Healthier through life science and biotechnology, but also strives to protect the environment and its inhabitants. This is why we launched "GenScript's Paperless Program" to help all of us do our part.

What’s GenScript’s Paperless Program?

Since July 2018, GenScript has been cooperating with American Forest to work on our Paperless Program. We will donate $1 per order on behalf of every Green Account customer to American Forests who plants one tree with each dollar donated. We will publish the donation details on our website, you can check it below in the Donation Details section.

How to Join GenScript’s Paperless Program?

GenScript will vigorously promote the paperless program and replace paper files with electronic files. You can download all order-related documents (Order documents, QA inspection reports, Product Manuals, etc.)on the "My Orders" page.

Log into "My Orders".
Click on the download button for your selected order.
View and download the electronic copy of your documents displayed on the screen.

(Note: If you need paper documents, you can go to "My Account" to make a change! See the illustration »);

What are the Benefits of Joining "GenScript's Paperless Program"?

Great for You and
the Environment
Going paperless reduces waste, saves and helps with planting more trees. It is good for the environment and ultimately good for you.
You will have all your quality control documents safely stored in our secured database, with no worries about future use.
You can access the electronic version of your quality control documents 24/7, right through your online account.
No More
With fewer paper copies to organize, you will save your efforts for your valuable research.

Join our program to protect the environment, with a priceless reward of a better planet for you, your family, and the generations to come!

You can Make a Difference

Plant More Trees Together


QWhy can we plant a tree for just $1? Where will the trees be planted?

AGenScript will donate $1 per order to American Forests on behalf of green account customers. For American Forests, $1 is the average cost of planting one tree in a wildland restoration region tree. Trees are normally be planted in a priority threatened forest; you can learn more about this from American Forests.

QHow will GenScript donate the $1 per order to American Forests on behalf of Green Account customers?

AOnce Green Account customers place and complete an order with GenScript, we will donate $1; however, we will not honor this donation for orders below $1.

QWhen will GenScript do the donation? Can customers check the donation by themselves?

AGenscript has been making donations to American Forests regularly since 2018, you can check up-to-date tree donations in the Donation Details section.

Note: Please contact our tech-support team ([email protected]) with any questions about this program. GenScript reserves all the rights to the rules, terms, and conditions of the Paperless Program.