GenScript's handbooks will help you learn about the latest technologies and the most comprehensive list of applications on your desired topic. You will also benefit from detailed troubleshooting guidelines for using any of the related services and products.

Gene Synthesis Handbook

Applications and technologies for DNA synthesis

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Peptide Synthesis Handbook

Peptide Handbook

A guide to design and applications of peptides in biomedical research

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CRISPR Handbook

Enabling genome editing and transforming life science research

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Antibody Handbook

One stop solution from antigen design to customized antibody production.

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Cell and Gene Therapy Handbook

One stop solution to accelerate cell and gene therapy research.

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Lentivirus Packaging Handbook

One stop Service from Gene Synthesis to Lentivirus Packaging.

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Oligo Handbook

Provides DNA Oligo, RNA Oligo, high-throughput oligo pool, large-scale oligo, siRNA, and Trimer oligo synthesis services with superior quality and excellent service.

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Recombinant Protein Handbook

Over 18 years of experience in protein expression and purification to meet the different needs from a variety of customers, including complex projects such as protein expression in multiple systems followed by purification and specific analysis.

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