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HFE cDNA ORF clone

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HFE (hemochromatosis) gene, Homo sapiens

Do you need expression-ready HFE gene to study the functions and characteristics? GenScript offers HFE gene in any custom vector for your molecular biology studies by ordering an HFE ORF clone.

About the HFE gene

HFE gene encodes a membrane protein that is similar to MHC class I-type proteins and associates with beta2-microglobulin (beta2M). It is thought that this protein functions to regulate iron absorption by regulating the interaction of the transferrin receptor with transferrin. The iron storage disorder, hereditary haemochromatosis, is a recessive genetic disorder that results from defects in this gene. At least nine alternatively spliced variants have been described for this gene. Additional variants have been found but their full-length nature has not been determined. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

Genomic context of HFE gene

The human HFE gene is shown in the context of the human genome below. To see information about the HFE gene in other species, please use the Search tool to select your desired species. GenScript has in-stock ORF clones for mouse HFE, rat HFE, and human HFE, as well as on-demand HFE ORF clones in other 183 species.

Chromosome 6 - NC_000006.12

Genomic sequence of HFE gene

HFE alternative names in variety species

  • [homo-sapiens] HH; HFE1; HLA-H; MVCD7; TFQTL2

  • [mus-musculus] MR2

  • [Macaca mulatta] EGK_14545


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