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GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis

Test Drive the New and Reliable

Advanced HT Gene Synthesis Platform:

Prices as Low as $0.11/bp!

GenScript's Advanced GenPlus™ HT Gene Synthesis Service

Gene Synthesis Service Quotation

GenScript's GenPlus™ HT Gene Synthesis Services is focused on one goal: to deliver the most reliable and dependable high throughput gene synthesis service, regardless of order size. Whether you are ordering 500 bp or 500 kbp, every step of our production process undergoes stringent quality review measures by our Ph.D.-level managers – giving you the reliability you can count on!

GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis
Dependable Turnaround Times
Never miss an important
deadline again!
GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis
Reliable Quality
Guaranteed 100% sequence
accuracy: no mutations!
GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis
No Sequencing Restrictions
We accept sequences of all
Additional Advantages
GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis
Customer Support
GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis
Free CloneArk/
VectorArk Storage
GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis
Free OptimumGene™
Codon Optimization

Product Details

Take advantage of GenScript's latest gene synthesis technology to make your research easy!

Price and Turnaround Time

Catalog #
Gene Length
Order Size*
List Price
Advanced GenPlus™ High-
Throughput Gene Synthesis
< 3 kb
< 50 kbp
50 - 100 kbp
100 - 200 kbp
200 – 500 kbp
> 500 kbp
3 kb - 10 kb
< 50kbp
50 - 100 kbp
100 - 200 kbp
200 - 500 kbp
> 500 kbp
GenPlus™ High-Throughput Cloning
Up to 10 kb
Any order size
5 Business Days

Turnaround times listed above are estimates based on typical orders; some complex sequences may take longer. For a more accurate estimate based upon your specific needs, please request a quote.
* Order must consist of ≥ 10 genes


GenPlus™ is an ideal tool for creating DNA constructs to use in:

The unmatched capacity of GenPlus™ to synthesize 100 million base pairs of custom DNA can accelerate your research in truly revolutionary ways:

Genome synthesis: synthesize the equivalent of 10 complete yeast genomes in one month.

Pathway synthesis: synthesize 5000 variants of 20kb genetic circuits encoding biosynthetic pathway enzymes in one month.

Mutagenesis libraries: synthesize site-saturated, sequential permutation, or other types of systematic or rationally-designed mutant libraries containing up to 106 unique, sequence-verified mutants within one month.

Quotes and Ordering Process

Ordering Process Gene Synthesis Service Quotation

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