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his-tag abs promotion

THETM His Tag mAb, Mouse

-A Gold Standard for assay development and quality control

THETM His tag monoclonal antibody has been on the market for 10 years, and is widely accepted by scientists in industry as a standard reagent for internal QC and assay development. Based on this gold standard antibody, GenScript developed a variety of trustworthy products for His tagged protein detection and purification.

We are now offering a program to make sure you can have a perfect detection tool for research.

Option 1:  If you can find any his tag mAb on the market better than GenScript’s THE™ His Tag mAb, Mouse (Cat.no A00186-100), your purchase price can be refunded. Just show us the comparison picture and other related info.
Option 2:  If you’re not satisfied with the His tag antibody you have on hand, please inquire with GenScript to have a free sample to test.

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