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With over 20 years of experience as a Global Life Science Contract Research Organization (CRO), GenScript has built a strong foundation of expertise and technological innovation. Our industrial leading production platform, coupled with our deep understanding of project management and commitment to superior customer support, ensures that our clients receive top-notch service. At GenScript, our Business Development and Technical teams collaborate closely on every project, providing a customized and seamless experience for our clients every step of the way.

What GenScript offers

GenScript offers a range of reagents and services in support of the global life science research & development and biologicals manufacturing community. Services are highly customizable ranging from simple to complex offerings for various applications, such as antibody-drug discovery and development (MonoRab™), protein production (TurboCHO™), gene synthesis platform (GenTitan™ Gene Fragments), gene editing (GenCRISPR), IVT mRNA synthesis, and more.

Why partner with GenScript

Partnering with GenScript is a strategic choice that offers numerous benefits. With over 20 years of experience, we provide expertise, advanced technologies, and a wide range of services and products. Whether you’re an academic institution, a biotech start-up, or a pharmaceutical company, we can accelerate your drug discovery and development processes at a lower cost.

What sets GenScript apart is our client commitment. We offer high-quality service, added value, and dedicated customer service. Our high customer satisfaction rate reflects/testifies our industry reputation. We prioritize our clients’ interests, ensuring professional handling of every project. Choose GenScript - not just a service provider but a partner committed to your success and you’ll be in good hands.

peptide library synthesis platform
bcell storing platform
automated precise oligo synthesis platform

Even for pharma, GenScript’s cutting-edge technologies and platforms can support customized projects that internal resources may limit and significantly accelerate drug discovery and development processes at a lower cost.

Other Key Benefits

  • Continually and stringently validated production processes
  • Dynamic and responsive team with deep scientific background and technical expertise

How to start our partnership

New clients have several options to begin their partnerships with GenScript. We offer many technical resources, including handbooks, case studies, application notes, and webinars, to educate our clients about our service capabilities and assist in project design and planning. For straightforward/standard projects, our intuitive and streamlined online ordering portals make it easy to submit service-specific requests and place orders. For instance, our GenSmart interface simplifies gene synthesis requests by providing access to codon optimization, DNA construct design tools, and different speed options with instant pricing.

For more complex and customized projects, our dedicated commercial team is ready to provide support throughout the project. This team includes Sales Account Managers, Technical Account Managers, Field Application Scientists, Project Managers, and more. We are all committed to ensuring your project’s success. At GenScript, we’re not just providing a service - we’re building a partnership. We look forward to working with you.


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Partnership Workflow

  • Early project discussion with Sales Account Managers introduce service capabilities
  • Execution of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) enables sharing sensitive or intellectual property (IP) information
  • In-depth talks with Scientists, and Product Management and Development team members, with the necessary expertise
  • Specific project requirements are identified and proposal tailored to best fit investigator's needs
  • A contract clearly stating cost, timeline, and specific deliverables, including any necessary legal requirements, is established

How a contract is established

For complex projects, the journey begins with our Sales Account Managers, who introduce new clients to GenScript’s capabilities through engaging and informative presentations. As discussions progress, we bring in other team members - such as Scientists, Project Management, and Product Development professionals - with the specific expertise needed for your project.

While all project discussions are confidential, we can gladly conduct in-depth discussions under formal NDAs, we can gladly conduct in-depth discussions under formal NDAs to give clients peace of mind. These discussions often delve into the technical specifics of the project requirements.

Once we’ve agreed on a proposal with the client, we establish a contract outlining the cost, timeline, and specific deliverables, including any necessary legal requirements. To simplify the contract setup process, GenScript provides standard templates, such as Master Service Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements, in addition to NDAs.

At GenScript, we’re committed to making the process of starting a partnership as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Contract here can be further defined – regular project contract is quote based and will initiate upon receiving payment methods; price agreement or master service agreement will need to go through additional legal review process.

GenScript also easily accommodates templates from larger and more established groups or corporations, providing rapid legal feedback.

What to expect once projects start

Once a contract is in place, our Sales Account Managers serve as the primary points of contact throughout the project development. They act as advocates for our clients, ensuring that all expectations are fully met. In addition, clients have direct access to a dedicated Project Manager who provides regular updates and can connect with Senior Scientists for troubleshooting if needed.

We understand that communication is key, so we provide frequent updates, from weekly to monthly, depending on the duration and complexity of the project. These updates are tailored to our client’s preferences and are executed in close communication with our Scientists and Production teams.

For added convenience, we can also provide project updates through a personal and private online portal. Simply sign in to check the progress of your projects.

At GenScript, we’re committed to keeping our clients informed and satisfied every step of the way.

Overall, because projects may be very straightforward or complex, GenScript follows a flexible and tailored approach, which means that investigators can introduce changes to the selected services in agreement with shifting needs, all within reason.

GenScript Customer Stories

"We have a requirement for long single-stranded DNA that can be used in a clinical manufacturing process, and this is where we benefited from a wonderful collaboration with GenScript"

Alexander Marson, MD, PhD
Professor Medicine, Director of Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology

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Maximize Your Partnership with GenScript

Embarking on a partnership with GenScript, a leading Life Science Contract Research Organization, can be a transformative step for new clients. To make the most of this collaboration, it’s important to understand how our team works together to ensure the success of your project.

Our team, which includes Sales Account Managers, Technical Account Managers, Project Managers, and Scientists, works in synergy to deliver your project. Among these team members, Sales Account Managers serve as a reliable local connection, keeping clients updated on GenScript’s service capabilities and ongoing projects.

What sets GenScript apart is our global reach. We maintain the same team organization across all regions. Whether your academic laboratory, biotech company, or pharmaceutical firm is located in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, or China, our commercial teams are available to provide local and personalized support. – not exactly necessary. I suggest to highlight a few values that we can provide to customers in addition to products and services, like other resources, networking and even potential investment opportunities – can confirm with corporate communication on this part.

At GenScript, we’re committed to making your partnership with us a rewarding experience.

Importantly, as a global CRO GenScript follows the same team organization in all regions. Therefore, whether academic laboratories, biotechs, or pharma are located in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, or China, commercial teams are available to investigators to provide local and personalized support.

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