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How to earn points

You can earn EzCoupon™ points in the following ways:

Ways to earn points Details Earned points
Account sign-up Register a GenScript account to earn complimentary points 1,000
Purchase Every dollar you spend counts* One point per dollar
Write a review For every order you reviewed, you'll automatically receive 1,000 Ezcoupon points 1,000
Others Participate in our survey or other activities Depends
Social Share Share citations @GenScript on Twitter,
LinkedIn, Facebook through citation web pages
Review on Order Review on orders 1,000

* EzCoupon™ points received through placing an order will not expire as long as one more purchase is completed (i.e. ordered and paid) within 12 months after the EzCoupon™ points issue date. If no purchase is completed within 12 months, earned points will expire. Points earned through an order will be added to your account after payment is received.

* EzCoupon™ points earned through any activity, other than placing an order, will be valid for 12 months from the EzCoupon™ points issue date. EzCoupon™ points accumulated from different activities will be redeemed according to their issue date priority.

New! You will now get double EzCoupon™ Points from any orders involving the use of archived clones or archived vectors at GenScript.

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Scholar Club Program: Welcoming New Members

Get rewarded for citing GenScript in your publication and sharing it on social media!

  • One USD100 coupon per citation!
  • 1,000 points per share!