How to Earn Points

You can earn EzCoupon points in the following ways:

Ways to earn points Details Earned points
Account sign-up Register a GenScript account to earn complimentary points 1,000
Purchase Every dollar you spend counts* One point per dollar
Order Review Review your completed orders Up to 1000 points for each order review
(varies depending on order amount and comment length)
Others Participate in our surveys or other activities Will be awarded upon evaluation
Social Sharing Share citations @GenScript on Twitter,
LinkedIn, Facebook through citation web pages
Join MolecularCloud Create posts, like posts, comment posts on MolecularCloud platform Will be awarded based on your activity

* EzCoupon points received through placing an order will not expire as long as one more purchase is completed (i.e. ordered and paid) within 12 months after the EzCoupon points issue date. If no purchase is completed within 12 months, earned points will expire. Points earned through an order will be added to your account after payment is received.

* EzCoupon points earned through any activity, other than placing an order, will be valid for 12 months from the EzCoupon points issue date. EzCoupon points accumulated from different activities will be redeemed according to their issue date priority.

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Scholar Club Program: Welcoming New Members

Get rewarded for citing GenScript in your publication and sharing it on social media!

  • One USD100 coupon per citation!
  • 1,000 points per share!

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