The clinical study of immune checkpoint proteins achieved great success, making immunotherapy a promising method to treat cancer. Immune checkpoints are involved in a series of immunomodulatory pathways that can either co-stimulate or co-inhibit the immune response. Co-stimulatory immune checkpoints enhance the body's immune response against pathogens. Co-inhibitory immune-checkpoints can negatively regulate T cell's activity to protect against pro-inflammatory reactions. Targets, such as PD-1, PD-L1, B7, CD28, TIM and CD226, are very hot in cancer treatment.

GenScript immune checkpoint recombinant proteins passed a variety of activity testing and are featured with high purity and batch to batch stability. They are used as immunogens for the production of GenScript Immune Checkpoint Antibodies.


Modulate immune responses

Identify binding partners

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Antibody production

Product Overview

ligand/ receptor Product Cat.no
4-1BB 4-1BB (CD137) Fc Chimera, Human Z03382
B7-1 B7-1(CD80) Fc Chimera, Human Z03409
B7-2 B7-2/CD86 Fc Chimera, Human Z03416
B7-2/CD86 Fc His, Human Z03452
B7-H2 B7-H2/ICOSLG Fc Chimera, Human Z03414
B7-H2/ICOSLG, His, Human Z03415
B7-H3 B7-H3 Fc Chimera, Human Z03426
B7-H3, His, Human Z03427
CD19 CD19 Fc Chimera, Human Z03407
CD25 CD25/IL-2Rα Fc Chimera, Human Z03400
CD28 CD28 Fc Chimera, Human Z03413
CD40L CD40L/CD154/TRAP, Human Z02022
sCD40L, Human Z02727
CD47 CD47 Fc Chimera, Human Z03418
CD47, His, Human Z03419
CTLA4 CTLA-4 Fc Chimera, Human Z03373
GITR GITR Ligand Fc Chimera, Human Z03446
GITR Fc Chimera, Human Z03440
HVEM HVEM-Fc, Human Z03224
OX40 OX40/TNFRSF4, His, Human Z03438
PD-1 PD-1 Fc Chimera, Human Z03370
PD-1, His, Human Z03424
PD-L1 PD-L1 Fc Chimera, Human Z03371
PD-L1, His, Human Z03425
PD-L2 PD-L2 Fc Chimera, Human Z03417
PVR PVR/CD155 Fc Chimera, Human Z03435
PVR/CD155, His, Human Z03436
SIRP SIRPα Fc Chimera, Human Z03420
SIRPα, His, Human Z03421
TIGIT TIGIT Fc Chimera, Human Z03439
TIM3 TIM-3 Fc Chimera, Human Z03392
TIM-3 Fc Chimera, Mouse Z03401
TIM-3, His, Mouse Z03402

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