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Immunotherapy Research

Immunotherapy is a relatively new form of treatment that re-awakens the immune system so it can fight diseases. Activation of the immune system involves a number of checkpoints in order to ensure proper activation. Many cancer cells have developed mechanisms to hinder the regulation of these checkpoint proteins and allow them to escape the supervision of the immune system. Immunotherapies have shown promising efficacy in many diseases and especially for cancer.

GenScript provides the One-Stop Platform to accelerate your Immunotherapy Research, including numerous neutralizing immune checkpoint antibodies and anti-idiotypes (IDs), stable cell lines expressing immuno-oncology proteins at high levels, a wide range of purified recombinant proteins involved in immuno-signaling pathways, together with assay platforms for drug discovery and development.

Immune Checkpoint Antibodies

GenScript provides multifunctional immune checkpoint antibody products to facilitate your immunotherapy research.

  Immunotherapy Recombination Proteins

The high-quality Immune Checkpoint Proteins in GenScript can support many kinds of researches in immune-oncology field

ADCC & CDC assays

By implementing strict QC standards, GenScript provides the assurance of the efficacy and potency profiles of your therapeutic antibodies.

  Stable Cell Lines for Immunotherapy Research (CellPower™)

Both immune checkpoints and oncogene expressed stable cell lines are supplied;