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Monkeypox Virus Real-time PCR (RTPCR) Test

*This product has been discontinued!*
The kit is based on RT-PCR technology and PCR amplification in one-step. The assay amplifies the conserved gene of the Monkeypox viral DNA where this targeted region is amplified and detected by designed primers and fluorescence probes. An additional primer/probe set is used to detect the human gene (RNase P gene) for Internal Control (IC). The IC is used to ensure proper execution of the assay by the end user, including sample collection, nucleic acid extraction and the PCR process.
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The Monkeypox virus real-time PCR Kit provides an easy and reliable kit for the detection of monkeypox virus. It targets the amplification of 2 conserved regions detected by designed primers with FAM- and HEX-labeled fluorescent probes. The kit additionally includes an internal control (human RNase P gene) labeled with CY5.

Monkeypox Virus F3L and B6R Validation Product A sold separately: A415001

Components Amount provided
80 tests/ kit
MV Reaction Tube (lyophilized)
(Primers, Probes, Mg2+, dNTPs, Taq
DNA Polymerase, Uracil-N-Glycosylase)
8-tube strip x 10
MV Positive Control (lyophilized)
(Armored DNA for Monkeypox virus,
internal control (RNase P))
1 tube x 1
MV Negative Control
(No template control)
1000 μl/tube x 1


For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures.

Please inquire about CE-IVD kit format.

Product Introduction
Storage All contents should be stored at 2-25°C. Light sensitive reagents.

To detect Monkeypox virus from blood, urine, skin and mucous membrane damage (lesion), and respiratory (nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, naso-oropharyngeal) samples.  

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