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CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit

*This product has been discontinued!*

The GenScript CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit is designed for the quick PCR cloning , it is especially powerful in high-throughput cloning of PCR products into any destination vector effectively by sidestepping the tedious and limiting tasks such as selecting proper restriction enzymes, phosphatases, or ligases. Using our proprietary CloneEZ® Enzyme, this kit is able to rapidly generate precise and directional constructs by carrying out 30-minute incubation at room temperature (20 °C-25 °C).

Key Features
Key Features
The CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit offers flexible and quick directional cloning and enables users to:
  • Clone into any vector without any need for restriction enzymes, phosphatase treatments, or ligases
  • Provide up to 10 kb PCR cloning at any restriction site
  • Rapidly and precisely generate correctly oriented constructs and inserts
  • Work with PCR that employ any thermostable polymerases

  • Storage Store the kit at -20°C. It will remain stable for at least one year, if stored properly.

    The GenScript CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit can be used in a variety of applications:
  • PCR cloning
  • HTP PCR cloning
  • Joining of DNA fragments

    For more documents, please visit "Technical Support".

    Note: This product has been discontinued, and replaced by the GenBuilder Cloning kit. To avail a free sample of the GenBuilder Cloning kit, please contact [email protected].

    Cat. No. L00339