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AmMagTM Ni Magnetic beads

Description GenScript's AmMag Ni Magnetic Beads are optimized for quick and efficient purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins under native as well as denaturing conditions. The beads use a nickel-charged TED (tris-carboxymethyl ethylene diamine) ligand to purify His-tagged proteins. The beads are resistant to chelators such as EDTA and DTT, and have been optimized for easy cleanup and regeneration. When used as recommended, they can be regenerated for reuse over 100 times in absence of chelators. These superparamagnetic beads are about 40 μm in diameter.
The AmMag Ni-charged beads are chelator resistant (up to 100mM EDTA and 20mM DTT). The beads are supplied as 25% slurry in phosphate buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4, containing 20% ethanol.
Key Features Quick and convenient separation accomplished by magnetic force.
High binding capacity with 10mg of His-tagged protein/ml settled beads.
The AmMag Ni magnetic beads can be regenerated and reused up to 100 times.
Extremely low nonspecific binding.

Table 1 Reagents Compatible with AmMag Ni Magnetic Beads
Denaturants Detergents Reducing agents Salts Others
6 M Gu·HCl 2% Triton X-100 20 mM β-ME 4 M MgCl 2 50% glycerol
8 M Urea 2% Tween 20 20 mM DTT 5 mM CaCl 2 20% ethanol
0.1 M HCL 1% CHAPS 100 mM EDTA 2 M NaCl
0.1 M NaOH 0.5 M Imidazole

Storage Store at 4°C

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price
AmMagTM MR-mini magnetic rack - 1 pcs/unit
AmMagTM MR magnetic rack - 1 pcs/unit
AmMagTM Box - 1 kit

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Size Price
300 μl $0.00