One Stop Service

One Stop Service
Gene to Lentivirus Packaging

Turnaround time starts from 4 weeks!


Seamless Delivery of Your Candidate Genes In Your Selected Lentivirus

Seamless Delivery of Candidate Genes In Selected Lentivirus Workflow

Service Highlights

Fast Delivery in 4 weeks

Fast Delivery in 4 weeks

Superior Transduction Performance

Superior Transduction Performance

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Service Breakdown

Gene Length Lentivirus Titer (IFU/mL) Lentivirus Volume Application Total TAT
Gene-to-Lentivirus Package ≤ 3000bp 107 1 mL Cell Culture Start from 4 weeks *
2 mL
108 1 mL
2 mL

*Not applicable for genes with complex sequence or in vivo studies. Learn more about gene sequence difficulty rules>>



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Gene functional study Gene study

Cell therapies using lentiviral vectors have demonstrated noteworthy clinical success in patients with B-cell malignancies leading to regulatory approval of the first genetically engineered cellular therapy. As the top one global provider of gene synthesis, GenScript offers an integrated package from gene synthesis to lentivirus packaging. Customers only need to provide their gene sequences, and GenScript takes care of the rest.

Lentivirus is predominantly used in cell model establishment because it can infect difficult-to-transfect cells, and improve the transduction efficiency. Also, its integrating capability ensures that the target genes can integrate into cellular genome and achieve stable expression.

Lentiviral vectors improve the screening methodology in terms of stability and efficiency relevance. Also, lentiviruses are an important model that can provide new insights into the mechanisms of viral entry and forms a basis for antiviral drug screening.

Lentiviral gene delivery system offers many potentially unique advantages, such as long-term and stable gene expression, and infecting non-dividing cells. GenScript can provide lentivirus-based gene overexpression and gene knockdown services for your gene functional studies.

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