The mammalian system is ideal for protein expression of human or other mammalian proteins for proper folding and appropriate post-translational modifications. However, the yields of mammalian transient expression systems are often modest, requiring large volume scale-up where the time and cost quickly add up. With over 18+ years of development in protein expression, GenScript has developed the proprietary TurboCHO™ expression system for the high-titer production of recombinant antibodies and proteins. The TurboCHO™ expression system enables the delivery of functional recombinant proteins and antibodies with higher yields compared to regular transient expression. Secreted proteins and antibodies can be produced in a cost-effective way for your functional, structural, and therapeutic studies, within a short timeframe. Moreover, GenScript also offers the HEK 293 cells for your choice.

Service Highlights

mumber one
TurboCHO™ system.
mumber two
Derived from CHO-K1.
mumber three
As fast as 2 weeks.
mumber four
Scalable from 1mL to 200L.
number five
Yield from μg to kg.
number six
Solution for therapeutic targets’ screening and optimization.

General Workflow

Mammalian expression workflow

Case Studies

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