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There may be thousands of languages, but one word pronounces almost the same throughout the world – “Mom”. When we say "Mom", our hearts are filled with warmth and strength, because:

——The DNA carved in our bodies came from her; mom gave us life.

——Each of our muscles and bones grew up within her; mom nourished us to grow.

——Our interest in science and courage to explore also came from her; mom is our first teacher.

Science can measure the deepest trench, but not the depth of maternal love; science can calculate the speed of the universe, but not the amount of mother’s love; science can make genes artificially, but cannot create a person who can love you like mother. Yet our mothers are great scientists, because they create the biggest love in the world and they instill our interest for science and courage to explore from the day they give birth to us.

This Mother’s Day, remember all mom "scientists":

  • From Your Dearest Mom Give her a gift of a book to commemorate the many books she read you over and over when you were a child.
  • To The Mom Next to You Take your wife, partner, aunt or lab mate to a movie so they can take a break from their motherly responsibilities.
  • And, Yourself as a Mom Please don't forget to give yourself a gift. Take an hour off to relax, drink a cup of coffee, watch a movie, go shopping or spend time with friends. You deserve it.

Select a Gift for the “Mom” in Your Life

If you place an order with the total amount ≥$199 between May 6-19, 2019, you can receive one of the following gifts for the “mom” in your life:

Kindle Gift Card ($10)

AMC Gift Card ($10)

Starbucks Card ($10)

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