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Molecular Cloning Handbook
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Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology Services

GenScript provides comprehensive molecular biology services, including gene synthesis, to help with your research needs. From a single ORF, to high-throughput synthesis of gene variant libraries, to 200kb GenBrick™ building blocks for synthetic biology, no project is out of our scope. As the most cited biotech company, we're proud to provide flexible and reliable molecular biology services to accelerate your research.

GenScript also provides an intelligent online assistant system - GenSmart™ Instant Quote powered by big data mining and machine learning technology, which can fulfill your requests in 3 minutes. Drawing you out from the complicated and time-consuming quote process, GenSmart™ Instant Quote is capable to generate the most time- and cost- effective strategy to obtain all your clones of interest.

Gene Synthesis

Codon Optimization, High-throughput, Rush Genes in 4 days, Cloning & Mutagenesis

New! GenParts Gene Fragments

High-quality, double-stranded DNA fragments with no sequence restrictions with reliability you can count on!

ORF cDNA Clones and Custom Clones

Expression-ready ORF clones, mutant ORF clones, and custom clones

Plasmid DNA Preparation

Research, Transfection or GLP grade; ≤ 0.005 EU/µg endotoxin; sterile-filtering

KO/KI/RNAi Vector Construction

KO/KI Targeting Vectors; Vector-based RNAi; pri-miR & pre-miR; siRNA design tool

Gene Variant Libraries

Mutant libraries, Combinatorial and Truncation Variants, High-Throughput Protein Variants

DNA Sequencing

Online Ordering & Secure Data Retrieval; Flexible Sample Submission; Power Read

Custom Oligos

DNA, RNA or chimeric backbones; custom modifications and labeling

New! MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository

Search the Repository for easy access to plasmids to facilitate your research

New! GenSmart™ Design

A smart and free design tool to accelerate transformation of ideas into functional plasmids